Friday, September 4, 2009

Promote your company's products and services with personalized USB Drives.

USB Drive is a practical, functional and versatile storage device. You can use them for many useful purpose: to move important work from laptop to desktop; to share information and presentations with a clients or colleagues; to store your data and applications; to transfer documents from work to home; for quick backup, and many more. What is appealing for me, USB Drive is slim, portable, stylish and fully customizable. They comes in many different size, style, colors, materials, and even as parts of other items such as a calculator, liquid lava lamp, fire extinguisher, Swiss army knife attachment, wristband or clip. Personalized USB Drive have few different names such as personalized Flash Drive, personalized Jump Drive, personalized Mini USB Drive or personalized USB Flash Pen Drive, depending on the manufacturer’s name.

For Business purpose, corporation often gives away personalized USB Drives as sales promotional gifts (to increase awareness), tradeshow giveaways (to improve traffic), Customer gifts (to thank customer), memorable Corporate Gifts (to motivate staff), corporate meeting gifts, souvenirs, fund raising items, etc. Promotional USB drives gifts, pre-loaded with a company presentation, product and service advertisements or other contents, are an excellent marketing tool to create strong brand recognition and increase awareness about your products and services. You can outfit your sales force with digital product catalogs and equip them with promotional marketing campaign and sales materials. You can reward your employees for achieving good performance and high productivity with Corporate gifts in form of Custom USB Drives as token of appreciation.

If you are looking for stylish personalized USB drive at competitive prices, FlashDealer is your best choice. It starts from as low as US$3.95. They offer a large selection of custom USB flash drives in many sizes, colors, shapes, materials, and packaging. If you like, you can customize your Promotional USB Drive with:
  • Custom Printing - Imprint or laser engrave your Company Name and Logo.
  • Preload with Data and Application - PreLoad with Company Data or Product Presentation. With USB Autorun, you can also automatically load your application into an executable program.
  • Custom Packaging - Present them as Gift Box or simple Lanyard.

Importantly, All products purchased through FlashDealer have a 100% Dealer Guarantee and 100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. So, promote your company's products and services with personalized USB Drives from FlashDealer.

The above is a sponsored.


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  1. Hi KuT,
    Really.... USB drives are the best corporate gifts, you can personalize USB drives by imprinting your company logo, or a slogan on them. Promotional USB drive is the best selection, just because many students use USB flash drives to store their work and teachers are increasingly accepting assignments submitted on USB flash drives.

    Promotional Bags


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