Friday, September 11, 2009

Job design body kit for your Lexus and luxury vehicles.

Are you looking for high quality car body kits that can give an innovative, luxurious and exotic look to your car? Many popular car body kits are often seen on drag strips or in car magazines. With Body kits, you can make your car look lower to the ground and give your ride a low aggressive stance, without actually dropping it flat on the black asphalt. Or try WingDoors, a revolutionary new style of Lamborghini door conversion kits that go up 90 degrees. Custom body kits come in all shapes and sizes. Technically, a body kit is a combination of plastic, fiberglass or rubber that has been shaped into extensions or panel replacements for your vehicle. They are vehicle specific, and they are custom made to fit the exact dimensions of your specific vehicle. But the latest trend is carbon fiber body kits, because of its lightweight, yet durable material. The latest ground effects kits made of either FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic), CFRP (Carbon Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) or PolyUrethane. The FRP Composite material is weather proof. It will not reduce in size or bulge during weather changes. FRP Composite is easy to paint because paint sticks well with this material. FRP Composite is extremely light and is very strong according to its weight/strength ratio. Also, FRP Composite material is easily fixable.

Whether you drive luxury coupe, sedan, convertible, or SUV, you can always add distinctive style and exotic look with Job design body kit. Job Design is primarily known as a manufacturer of aftermarket Lexus parts, but also expanding into design body kits for Lexus, Mercedes, Infinity, and Chrysler vehicles. Car enthusiast love these high quality, classy and sophisticated body kits for providing maximum stability and flexibility to their high-end vehicles. With continued improvements in design, construction and materials, Job Design Car Body Kits represent a solid value for the car owner who wants to increase the vehicle’s value, improve its appearance and create a distinctive look. So, customize your high-end vehicle with style.

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