Friday, September 25, 2009

Key Elements that determine the Success of an Executive. Business Success Guide for Executive Genius.

What is it that allows a CEO to suddenly notice that a strategic shift is needed in order to maintain a competitive advantage—while his or her competitor looks at the same problem and same analysis, but can't put it all together?

A number of elements determine the success of an executive:
 Personal vitality and sustainable energy charge.
 Ability to accept and understand complexity.
 Communication and people-management skills.
 Work ethic, honesty, integrity, and credibility.
 Finesse in managing supervisors and teams.
 Ability to see the whole of a situation.
 Clarity of vision and breadth of goals.
 Capacity to act with courage and maximize results.

All of these elements are vital to leadership success, and your personal sustained quality and breadth of awareness are the foundations of these elements. Executive genius comes from fully tapping your awareness potential. And this inner quality of consciousness is a continually fluctuating commodity. During an average day at work, you might experience numerous moments of inspiration and even a great momentary flash of genius—but there are also moments of frustration or even desperation. You have low-energy and high-energy moments, flashes of expansive thinking followed by the doldrums of muddy thinking. Part of the day you might feel that or as though you have direct access to the solution to problems, but then your genius dims and you perhaps even start generating more problems than you're solving.



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