Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two most useful Social Media Channels for extending the reach of E-mail Marketing Campaigns. Integrating Social Media with E-mail Marketing Campaigns.

Organizations are increasingly leveraging social media for communications and marketing. Social networks in particular can be leveraged as a distribution channel to reach beyond traditional customer segments, improving campaign effectiveness.

Organizations can generally assume that customer segments with known affinities for Web and e-mail channels either currently are, or soon will become, social media users. This channel affinity is why it makes so much sense for organizations to make their initial entry into social media marketing through the extension of e-mail marketing.

Organizations are increasingly leveraging social media for communications and marketing. Social networks in particular can be leveraged as a distribution channel to reach beyond traditional customer segments, improving campaign effectiveness.

Most e-mail marketing technology vendors enable e-mail campaigns to be tracked even when the e-mail leaves the original target segments, such as when someone forwards a marketer's e-mail to a friend.

However, social networks are now replacing e-mail address books as the consumer's personal contact list. More and more consumers are apt to post an e-mail to their blog or their social network page as their preferred method of sharing the information with their friends.

Two most useful social media channels for extending the reach of e-mail marketing campaigns.

1) Social Networks
    Public social networking services, such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Friendster.
    These services comprise extensive networks of users who are self-organized into groups and communities.
    Social networks are the most valuable social media channel to integrate with e-mail marketing, because of their ability to rapidly facilitate information sharing among user networks.

2) Blogs
    Corporate blogs can be a distribution channel for an e-mail marketing campaign.
    Followers may react negatively to too much marketing if they are following the blog for technical or business advice.
    Personal blogs are already a distribution channel for marketing and public relations communications.
    Target e-mail recipients in this scenario are usually media and industry watchers though, not prospective buyers.
    An emerging tool for corporate communications and marketing professionals is Twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging service that restricts posts to 140 characters. This is generally enough for a title and a link to campaign Web landing page.
    Followers of an organization's Twitter feed (called tweets) can reply to your posts, so using Twitter does require some media monitoring effort to manage and respond to replies.

Integrating social media with e-mail marketing campaigns can extend campaign reach and improve click-through rates. Improve campaign effectiveness byenabling recipients to share e-mails through social media channels.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Strategic Initiatives for creating Consumer-driven Health Care. Hospital Leaders Guide to Corporate Strategic Plans.

For the foreseeable future, with vision of six converging Megatrends for HealthCare Industry, hospitals will be dealing with two broad categories of "consumers":
(1) commodity seekers, a category that will include trauma victims, the socioeconomically disadvantaged, and patients in need of low-acuity, elective care; and
(2) value seekers, who will base their decisions on price, quality of care, or both. The number of knowledgeable, assertive value seekers will be influenced by the role that payers assume in brokering care for their beneficiaries and providing incentives for them to seek value on their own.

Commodity seekers, by and large, will continue to show up at the hospital's door as long as cost, care, and amenities are acceptable. True value seekers, looking for exceptional providers, are likely to remain small in number. However, this does not mean they can be ignored. How many such patients would the average hospital be able to afford to lose before its narrow operating margin turned into red ink?

Although there are many steps of an operational nature that hospitals can and should be taking to prepare for consumer-driven care, two critical strategic initiatives—Professor Rumelt might call them pathways to higher performance—stand out in the short term. Specifically, hospital leaders should:
1.    Identify their organizations' clinical priorities and allocate a disproportionate share of financial and human capital to support them. For many hospitals, the days of being able to afford to be all things to all people are over. Instead of asking, "What's good to do?" hospital leaders should increasingly ask, "What's best to do?" (See, for example, this year's essays on finance and governance.)
2.    Develop a physician alignment plan that is based on more than economics and that answers the following questions:
    How can the hospital do a better job of supporting physicians in their efforts to provide effective and efficient care?
    What changes are required in the function and structure of medical staff leadership?
    What role should the hospital play in recruiting and retaining physicians? Does it need to develop a multispecialty group?
    What policies will the hospital establish regarding business collaboration with physicians (e.g., equity joint ventures)?


Friday, February 19, 2010

Have a safe journey with Sat Nav Systems

Having a GPS In-car Satellite Navigation Systems in your car allows you to travel faster and easier, even to an unknown destination. With the help of navigation systems, you can plan your travel route to make it quicker, shorter by avoiding busy roads and traffic congestion. The in-built GPS receiver helps you to determine the accurate location over the map and offers visual guidance and clear spoken instructions in a chosen language to reach your preferred destination. With good driving directions, this intelligent device can save you money by directing you away from toll zones. Choosing a good navigation device entirely depends on how frequent you use it, and what functions you expect.

If you use occasionally or rarely, perhaps for holiday, it is better to select for a basic Satellite Navigation System with essential navigation features: like touch sensitive colour screen, preloaded street maps (2D and 3D) and good pre-installed database of Points of Interests (POI). When taking long road trips, you can program the pre-installed Points of Interests to tell you when a specific rest stop, car park or cinema halls, gas station, restaurant, or hotel is coming up on the road. Versatile satellite navigation system should provide you clear and accurate voice navigation instructions. The touch sensitive colour screen should be wide to enable easy navigation and they should be easily upgradeable. There must be sufficient internal storage, so the provision of SD expansion slots is a requirement.

For more frequent daily use, you should choose the lightweight, compact and portable Satellite Navigation System that comes with many advanced features - real time traffic alerts, alerts over speed cameras in the traffic, live weather updates, IQ routes, hands-free calling via Bluetooth, enhanced positioning technology, LIVE services, fuel prices, eco routes, active dock, advanced lane guidance, HD traffic, safety alerts, local search with Google, text to speech and enhanced POI. This smart device should be able to recommend driving breaks, remind you of road rules and regulations, alert you when approaching places of worship or schools as well as about unpaved roads. For further safety, it should alert you about the upcoming safety cameras occurring en-route. Also it can warn you whenever you exceed the specified speed limit, hence preventing you from being pulled over for speeding issues. Driving to your favourite destinations, locating speed cameras and viewing maps becomes an easy and interesting affair.

Sat Nav Systems is a popular, intelligent driving navigation aids in UK and Europe. Where can you buy an incredibly accurate, reliable and easy to use Sat Navs Systems? Try Unbeatable United Kingdom. They carry wide range of Sat Nav Systems and devices from major satellite navigation brands like TomTom, Garmin, Sony and Navman. You can compare prices from many diverse product line at affordable prices ( with exclusive sat nav discount codes ) and this makes shopping for In-car Satellite Navigation Systems easier and cheaper.

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Cost Management Techniques and Tactics. COST MANAGER'S TOOLKIT

Here are some point summary on:


?    Understand what creates cost.
?    And what your key cost trends are.
?    And how costs move in relation to decisions and activities, in particular how they move with revenue and headcount.
?    Produce management accounts that let you understand, model and manage the true economics of the business.
?    Is the presentation as crisp as Elmore Leonard's dialogue?
?    Focus on where to get the biggest results fastest.
?    Get at difficult costs by slicing and dicing.
?    Unbundle activities.
?    Map them against different customer segments.
?    Understand natural cost trends.
?    Don't fool yourself you are pushing water downhill.
?    Don't expect to push water uphill.
?    Particularly in a cash crunch.
?    Regularly look for best practice across the organization.
?    Take opportunities to do experiments and comparisons.
?    Check competitors' cost positions and their cost trend. Have they found more cost-effective ways of working?
?    Make sure you distinguish structural cost differences from operational execution.


?    Most acquisitions don't add value, but a strong cost manager has a much better chance of doing so.
?    Cost-based synergies are better than revenue- or scope-based ones.
?    In price wars - for market leaders and market attackers.
?    In new product introductions - pricing down the experience curve.
?    In long-term customer contracts - making profitable commitments.
?    Drive down the cost of discovery.
?    Retain more equity value.
?    Make decentralization the default position
?    Establish a clear supplier-customer relationship between the center and the business units.
?    Be particularly hard on center cost creep.
?    Establish and track hard metrics around center efficiency.
?    Do annual private equity-type reviews that challenge the center.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Comfortable, Quality and Practical Bathroom Suites

Bathroom is not only a place to wash and clean (utilitarian room), but also to rest and relax for our daily comfort. Since the bathroom is always there for you whenever you just need to relax, to overcome all the tensions of our body and have a little private time, you ought to treat it better by adding a touch of luxury. Get a sunken marble bath and immerse yourself in it until all your stress is soothed away by the fragrant warm water. Or take a hot shower in style within a stained glass-enclosed stall. If you are just a little adventurous, you could get a skylight or some decorative windows and rearrange the layout of your bathroom so you can take a shower or a bath in full view of the garden.

With advances in technology and design, modern bathrooms are designed to provide a spacious, elegant and bright environment; practical functionality; comfort and lasting beauty. By placing a large mirror against one of the walls, you can give the room an illusion of greater size. When designing your bathroom, one of the key elements that will transform your space is a new bathroom suite that fits into your personal taste and compliments your lifestyle. Create a striking modern look bathroom suite with clean elegant lines, minimalistic decor and a spa resort atmosphere by choosing high quality materials and furnishings. Use white bathroom suites to give your bathroom a crisp, clean and inviting look. White also gives a great look of style and hygiene. Adding modern frameless backlit bathroom mirrors and wall-mounted towel heaters, will produce an elegant and airy atmosphere providing both practical functionality and lasting beauty. Furnish your bathroom with all sorts of modern gadgetry and appliances, and all sorts of bathroom accessories from crystal taps and basins to silver soap and shampoo dispensers.

It's important to add comfort, quality and practicality, along with style to your list of criteria when selecting bathroom suites. With such a huge range available nowadays you can find suites in all sizes, shapes and colors from contemporary to traditional. What is important is that you make sure that you would feel comfortable and relaxed in it.

So, design bathroom suites that accommodates your budget and best reflects your personal tastes.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Improve Math and Statistics proficiency with professional online tutoring.

Math is an essential subject to learn for everyone. Scientist, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Lawyer and Doctor rely on mathematics on their course of work. Good Math proficiency (from Basic Math Skills, Calculus, Statistics, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry) helps you develop your analytical thinking, build your self confidence, strengthen your memory, and improve you chance to succeed at work. Its practicality and wide applications permeate well in all aspects of our life - from deciding whether to lease or buy a house, computing the effective rate of car loan interest, to calculating how effective or toxic is a chemical compound. With Statistics, Probability and Data Analysis, you can analyze data gathered from surveys and studies to find patterns and relationships, then utilize rigorous methods and analytic techniques to transform results into clear language that is easily understood by a wide variety of audiences.

However learning math and statistics in schools can be stressful. Students may experience difficulties in understanding math concepts, solving equation or practicing difficult fractions. This may be due to improper guidance or poor teaching methods by some teachers who simply cannot teach math - they understand it perfectly, but cannot explain it to students. Improving your math skills and learning effective problem solving methods are not that difficult with TutorVista. TutorVista is a world class online tutoring (English, Math, Geometry, Algebra, Number Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Boolean Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability, Calculus, Physics, Science, Biology, Chemistry) that make learning more interesting and effective for students. It is a convenient and effective way to improve your math and Statistics proficiency, use math formulas correctly and efficiently, or to solve Statistics problems in class quickly and easily. You can easily understand Math and Statistics problem solving logic in a simple and systematic manner. You can do better in your math class by mastering an easily understood math problems solving methods and techniques. Fully trained and experienced professional tutors with right teaching methods will provide adequate guidance and offer step-by-step explanations so you can easily understand how to solve problems by yourself. So, Improve your Math and Statistics proficiency in easy and convenient way with professional online tutoring.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Six Process of Effective IT Management Control. Five Fundamentals of Information Resource Management.

Management has been described as the optimization of utilization of corporate resources through the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling of the members of any organization. It is a process of continuous improvement whereby the business itself is constantly adapting to its environment and management must change in like order.

The management process begins with an understanding of the organization’s business. Until this is achieved, any attempt to determine organizational need will be at best misleading and at worst disastrous. Once the overall objectives and environment of the business have been established, establishing the needs becomes a comparatively easy task. The organization’s needs may be determined by identifying and examining the key activities whose effective performance can make or break the organization. These key activities must themselves be monitored and therefore ambitious performance objectives must be established early in the planning process. For every performance objective there will be a range of threats which, if fulfilled, will either reduce the effectiveness or totally negate the objective. These must be assessed in a formal risk assessment to determine the appropriate corporate coping strategy. The coping or control strategies must be determined by management and the appropriate controls themselves selected. The actual controls must be implemented and monitored and there should exist controls to ensure this happens. Controls, once implemented, must be effective in performance and periodically management must evaluate and review performance with this in mind.

This is a combination of a theoretical approach utilizing literature searches on the organization and its functions on the business press, if possible, combined with a reading of annual reports in order to obtain the whole picture.
This theory will be combined with a more practical approach involving interviewing staff in order to both evaluate their understanding of the business as well as to confirm the auditor’s understanding. Site visits to observe the operation of specific business functions will also assist. Further information and confirmation may be derived by comparing the current understandings to those in effect during previous reviews.

Once the overall objectives and environment of the business have been established, the overall needs must be determined. A study of the organizational mission statement permits the general performance objectives to be derived. Management should have established strategic plans and objectives in order to ensure these are achieved. By interviewing executive management, employees, and perhaps even customers and suppliers, the business needs for the successful accomplishment of the objectives may be determined.

The major products and services provided to meet the business objectives need to be identified. Once again this will involve determining the level of management’s understanding of customer needs and sizes, the competition and their probable response patterns, as well as their understanding of which are their own key performance areas (KPAs). The KPAs are those activities that will make or break those activities.

For each KPA, Performance Objectives must be established. This involves seeking core activity targets that are both achievable and stretching. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be required to measure performance appropriately. The risks and threats that could lead to non/under-achievement must be assessed including both external and internal threats.

Once the full risk analysis is complete, management is in a position to decide what activities must be ensured, which risks must be managed, and which transferred. This, in turn, will dictate which risks can be cost-effectively prevented, which must be detected, and how a materialized risk can be corrected.
Business risks must be prioritized and trade-offs will be required because control measures are commonly contradictory, so that efficiency may trade-off against effectiveness.

For controls to be effective, they must be monitored and wishing them into existence will not accomplish the fact. Controls result from the planned and thoughtful intervention of management to achieve a specific end.
Monitoring may take several forms including self-assessment, the use of regular audits, and the introduction of continuous improvement programs. Controls must be frequently reviewed for ongoing relevance as well as for their effectiveness and must be modified and adapted where required.

Information Resource Management is based upon five fundamentals:
1.    Information Management. Information is valuable and must be managed as such. In many organizations, information does not appear on the balance sheet or asset register and is thus seen as something that, while important, is not really valuable.
2.    Technology Management. Technology Management addresses the whole aspect of the value of technology to the firm. This includes the impact and effect on other resources as well as the gaining of strategic advantage by judicious use of the appropriate technology.
3.    Distributed Management. Where systems are located can have a significant impact on systems effectiveness as well as internal control and thought must be given to the maintaining of an adequate system of managerial control.
4.    Functional Management. Like other functional areas, IS must be directed and controlled in order to ensure the effective, efficient, and economic use of what is, after all, an expensive resource.
5.    Strategic Management. IS holds the potential to gain and maintain major competitive advantage for the organization. Used appropriately, IS can raise the barriers of entry to competition, gain exclusivity for the information holder, and generally keep the organization ahead of the pack.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


IS Audit Function Knowledge

Effective management of information and related Information Technology (IT) has become of critical importance to the survival and long-term success of any organization. This has arisen because of the increasing dependence on information and the associated systems that deliver this information, together with the costs and size of future use of IT. As a result, management has a heightened expectation of delivery from IT functions and demands improved quality with a decreased delivery time and improved service levels at reduced costs. In addition, the increasing potential from threats such as information warfare or cyber terrorism has added a new awareness. At the same time, the potential for technology to revolutionize organizations and their business practices create new business opportunities and offer the potential to massively reduce costs.
IS Audit has traditionally been based upon the paradigms that control = management control, that management control starts with governance, that top management can control everything, and that control is imposed.
Today’s business environment suggests that a more appropriate re-engineered paradigm might be that continuous improvement focuses control with owners of the process.
The role of IS Audit must change to reflect this new reality. That IS Audit is ultimately responsible to the organization will not change; however, the owners of the process are becoming the custodians of internal control and not necessarily traditional management structures.
IS Auditors frequently become experts at describing the best design and implementation of all types of controls. IS Auditors are not, however, expected to equal—let alone exceed—the technical and operational expertise pertaining to the various activities of the organization. Nevertheless, they may help the responsible individuals achieve more effective results by appraising the existing controls and providing a basis for helping to improve those controls.

Auditing may take the form of IS, internal, external, and public sector auditing. Internal auditing examines the adequacy and effectiveness of the management system of internal control. The role of the external auditor is primarily one of ensuring the fairness of representation of the financial accounts of the entity audited. Within the public sector, much auditing is aimed at ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of management processes in order to ensure service delivery. IS Auditing may be used in any of the other areas.
The auditing process is also designed to determine where to audit as well as what to audit, and may use any and all of:
 Control Strategy Assessment
 Control Adequacy and Effectiveness
 Performance Quality Assessment
 Unit Performance Reporting
 Following Up
Overall the standards of audit performance must be up to a professional level. For IS Audit, this typically means to a level laid down in the ISACA standards.

IS Auditing responsibilities include the development and implementation of a risk-based IS Audit strategy and objectives in compliance with generally accepted audit standards (GAAS) in order to provide a statement of assurance that the organization’s information technology and business processes are controlled, monitored, and assessed adequately, and are aligned with the organization’s business objectives. This would also facilitate the monitoring of the implementation of risk management and control practices within the organization.
In addition, IS Auditing involves the planning of specific audit to ensure that the IS Audit strategy and objectives are achieved and that information is obtained that is sufficient, reliable, relevant, and useful in order to achieve the audit objectives. This will typically involve the analysis of information gathered in order to identify reportable conditions and reach appropriate conclusions. IS management will be required to review the work performed in order to provide a reasonable assurance that objectives have been achieved. A critical function within IS Auditing is the communication of audit results to key managers and stakeholders.

The external auditor is primarily responsible to the organization and all of its stakeholders. While the external auditor has a statutory responsibility to report on financial matters, IS Auditing forms a key role in achieving that statutory responsibility. As such, while IS Auditing is an integral part of an internal audit function, that must also be seen as an integrated function within the execution of the work of the independent external auditor.

An understanding of the relationship between IS Auditing and other company audit activities are required in order to fully understand the nature of IS Auditing. The IS Auditor may be seen as an integral part of the IS Audit function, playing an external consultant’s role or playing an internal role but independent of the IS Audit function.

Increasingly, accreditation and audit of IT services must be provided by internal or third parties to ensure that adequate security and control exists. Several evaluation methods exist that can be used to determine adequacy including ITSEC, TCSEC, and IS0 9000 evaluations using standards such as COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology), ISO 17799, ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library), COSO Internal Control—Integrated Framework and COSO Enterprise Risk Management—Integrated Framework, and so forth.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Top 25 Entrecard Droppers - January 2010

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My special appreciation for the following Top 25 Droppers for January 2010:

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