Friday, September 18, 2009

Effective online courses for E-Learning.

Online learning in the workplace has its own opportunities and limitations. Many have worried that online learning would allow impersonal, insensitive characteristics to dominate, if not eradicate, the nurturing of new skills and insights. As long as we think e-learning as an automated form of traditional classroom instruction, we forget to think them as an opportunity for developing collaborative learning communities, innovative explorations, simulations, or even personalized practice.

Workplace success comes from doing the right things at the right times. Therefore, for online learning to succeed, it must help learners develop and implement knowledge, skills and attitudes that result in valuable performance improvement. Best practices in online learning today are no longer just focusing on replicating instructor-led classroom experiences. Rather, they look into the unique capabilities of online systems to produce performance improvements while remain mindful of their limitations. They adapts to learner needs and actively involves learners with frequent activities. Successful e-learning must be engaging. It keeps learners focused and practicing important tasks that will be effective on the job. It has a powerful context, compelling challenges, intuitive activities, and effective feedback. It is intrinsically interesting and cognitively demanding. It uses interactivity and multimedia technology well. E-learning has the necessary capabilities but needs to be designed specifically for performance enhancement rather than just for information distribution. It requires learner-centric designs that create meaningful, memorable, and motivational experiences. They can saves you money through low-cost delivery (no or minimized travel, automated administration, etc).

Developing online courses for e-learning is a challenge that demands not only design excellence but also effective use of technology. K Alliance Education understand well these fundamentals and strive to create a unique e-learning experience. Their Online e-learning modules are self-paced, media rich, and highly interactive, with the ability to be used in a blended learning environment. It focused on critical business tasks that result in significant workplace performance improvement.

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