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24 Project Management Books. 19 Mathematics Books. Portfolio Management Ebooks. Program Management Book. Statistics Ebook. And many more....


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We just add 24 Project Management and 19 Mathematics Books for January 2013.

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Project Management Books
Mathematics Books

1    50 Top IT Project Management Challenges    Premanand Doraiswamy and Premi Shiv    9781849283410
2    Dynamic Scheduling with Microsoft Project 2010—The Book by and for Professionals    Rodolfo Ambriz and John White    9781604270617
3    Information Technology Project Management—Providing Measurable Organizational Value, Fourth Edition    Jack T. Marchewka    9781118057636
4    Managing Projects in Trouble—Achieving Turnaround and Success    Ralph L. Kliem    9781439852460
5    PMP Practice Makes Perfect—Over 1,000 PMP Practice Questions and Answers    John Estrella, Charles Duncan, Sami Zahran, James Haner and Rubin Jen    9781118169766
6    Project Management Concepts, Methods, and Techniques    Claude H. Maley    9781466502888
7    Project Management for Healthcare    David Shirley    9781439819531
8    Project Management For Profit—A Failsafe Guide To Keeping Projects On Track And On Budget    Joe Knight, Roger Thomas, Brad Angus and John Case    9781422144176
9    Project Management of Complex and Embedded Systems - Ensuring Product Integrity and Program Quality    Kim H. Pries and Jon M. Quigley    9781420072051
10    Project Planning and Control Using Oracle Primavera P6 Versions 8.1 & 8.2 Professional Client & Optional Client—Planning and Progressing Project Schedules With and Without Roles and Resources in an Established Database    Paul E. Harris    9781921059599
11    Projects and Complexity    Francesco Varanini and Walter Ginevri (eds)    9781466502796
12    Software Project Management - A Process-Driven Approach    Ashfaque Ahmed    9781439846551
13    The 12 Pillars of Project Excellence—A Lean Approach to Improving Project Results    Adil F. Dalal    9781439849125
14    The Basics of Project Evaluation and Lessons Learned    Willis H. Thomas    9781439872468
15    The Project Management Coaching Workbook—Six Steps to Unleashing Your Potential    Susanne Madsen    9781567263572
16    Determining Project Requirements—Mastering the BABOK and the CBAP Exam, Second Edition    Hans Jonasson    9781439896518
17    Managing Multiple Projects    Michael S. Dobson and Deborah S. Dobson    9780761214939
18    PRINCE2 Study Guide    David Hinde    9781119970781
19    Project Planning and Control Using Oracle Primavera P6—Version 8.2 EPPM Web    Paul Eastwood Harris    9781921059667
20    Project Risk and Cost Analysis    Michael S. Dobson and Deborah S. Dobson    9780761214922
21    Strategic Project Management    Paul Roberts    9780749464332
22    The IT Project Management Answer Book    David Pratt    9781567263770
23    The PMP Certification Exam Study Guide    Rosaldo de Jesus Nocêra    9781466503830
24    Total Quality Management for Project Management    Kim H. Pries and Jon M. Quigley    9781439885055

No    Book Title    Authors    ISBN No
1    Industrial Statistics with Minitab    Pere Grima Cintas, Lluís Marco Almagro and Xavier Tort-Martorell Llabrís    9780470972755
2    Practical Statistics for the Analytical Scientist—A Bench Guide, 2nd Edition    Stephen L R Ellison, Vicki J Barwick and Trevor J Duguid Farrant    9780854041312
3    Probability, Random Processes, and Statistical Analysis    Hisashi Kobayashi, Brian L. Mark and William Turin    9780521895446
4    Random Data—Analysis and Measurement Procedures, Fourth Edition    Julius S. Bendat and Allan G. Piersol    9780470248775
5    Regression for Economics    Shahdad Naghshpour    9781606494059
6    Statistical Distributions, Fourth Edition    Catherine Forbes, Merran Evans, Nicholas Hastings and Brian Peacock    9780470390634
7    Statistical Methods for Fuzzy Data    Reinhard Viertl    9780470699454
8    Carpenter's Guide to Innovative SAS Techniques    Art Carpenter    9781607649915
9    Data Quality for Analytics Using SAS    Gerhard Svolba    9781607646204
10    JMP Start Statistics - A Guide to Statistics and Data Analysis Using JMP, Fifth Edition    John Sall, Ann Lehman, Mia Stephens and Lee Creighton    9781612902043
11    JSL Companion - Applications of the JMP Scripting Language    Theresa L. Utlaut, Georgia Z. Morgan and Kevin C. Anderson    9781607648802
12    Logistic Regression Using SAS - Theory and Application, Second Edition    Paul D. Allison    9781599946412
13    Mathematics and Statistics for Financial Risk Management    Michael B. Miller    9781118170625
14    SPSS Survival Manual—A Step by Step Guide to Data Analysis Using the SPSS Program, 4th Edition    Julie Pallant    9781742373928
15    Statistical Analysis for Business Using JMP—A Student's Guide    Willbann Terpening    9781607644767
16    Statistical Analysis of Profile Monitoring    Rassoul Noorossana, Abbas Saghaei and Amirhossein Amiri (eds)    9780470903223
17    Statistical and Managerial Techniques for Six Sigma Methodology—Theory and Application    Stefano Barone and Eva Lo Franco    9780470711835
18    Statistics and Probability with Applications for Engineers and Scientists, Preliminary Edition    Bhisham C. Gupta and Irwin Guttman    9781118098721
19    Using JMP 10    SAS Institute    9781612901947


440+ Computer Science Books. Software Engineering Book. Computer Networking Ebooks. Open Source Computing Ebook. IT Management Books. Database Books. And Many More.....


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We just add 446 Computer Books for January 2013.

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No    Book Title    Authors    ISBN No
1    3D Game Programming All in One, Third Edition    Kenneth C. Finney    9781435457447
2    Advancing Information Management through Semantic Web Concepts and Ontologies    Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos (eds) et al.    9781466624948
3    An Introduction to Programming with ActionScript 3.0    Trish Cornez and Richard Cornez    9781449600082
4    Applying Principles from IT Architecture to Strategic Business Planning    James McKee    9781466625273
5    Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century - A Living Introduction    Stephen Lucci and Danny Kopec    9781936420230
6    Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with C#    Jack Purdum    9781118336922
7    Big Java—Late Objects    Cay S. Horstmann    9781118087886
8    C++ Plus Data Structures, Fifth Edition    Nell Dale    9781449646752
9    Cloud Computing    Kris Jamsa    9781449647391
10    Cloud Computing Service and Deployment Models—Layers and Management    Alberto M. Bento and Anil K. Aggarwal (eds)    9781466621879
11    Data Structures Using Java    Duncan A. Buell    9781449628079
12    DAX Formulas for PowerPivot    Rob Collie    9781615470150
13    DB2 SQL Tuning Tips for z/OS Developers    Tony Andrews    9780133038460
14    Developing and Evaluating Security-Aware Software Systems    Khaled M. Khan (ed)    9781466624825
15    Drupal Web Profiles    Timi Ogunjobi    9781466503816
16    Electronically Stored Information—The Complete Guide to Management, Understanding, Acquisition, Storage, Search, and Retrieval    David Robert Matthews    9781439877265
17    Elementary Information Security    Richard E. Smith    9780763761417
18    Emerging Applications of Natural Language Processing—Concepts and New Research    Sivaji Bandyopadhyay, Sudip Kumar Naskar and Asif Ekbal (eds)    9781466621695
19    Excel 2010 Business Basics and Beyond    Chris Smith    9781615470129
20    Game Coding Complete, Fourth Edition    Mike “MrMike” McShaffry and David “Rez” Graham    9781133776574
21    Hands-On Ethical Hacking and Network Defense    Michael T. Simpson, Kent Backman and James E. Corley    9781133935612
22    Information Security for Managers    Michael Workman, Daniel C. Phelps and John N. Gathegi    9780763793012
23    Introduction to Pragmatics    Betty J. Birner    9781405175821
24    iPhone 5 Portable Genius    Paul McFedries    9781118352786
25    Java SE 7 Programming Essentials    Michael Ernest    9781118359105
26    Mac OS X and iOS Internals—To the Apple's Core    Jonathan Levin    9781118057650
27    Mastering System Center 2012 Operations Manager    Bob Cornelissen, Kevin Greene, Ivan Hadzhiyski, Paul Keely, Sam Allen and Telmo Sampaio    9781118128992
28    Media Composer 6—Part 1—Editing Essentials    Mary Plummer    9781133727989
29    Media Composer 6—Part 2—Effects Essentials    Greg Staten    9781133788881
30    Migrating Legacy Applications—Challenges in Service Oriented Architecture and Cloud Computing Environments    Anca Daniela Ionita, Marin Litoiu, Grace Lewis (eds) and Grace Lewis (eds)    9781466624887
31    Principles of Modern Operating Systems, Second Edition    Jose M. Garrido, Richard Schlesinger and Kenneth Hoganson    9781449626341
32    Privacy and Security for Cloud Computing    Siani Pearson and George Yee (eds)    9781447141884
33    Professional Microsoft IIS 8    Ken Schaefer, Jeff Cochran, Scott Forsyth, Dennis Glendenning and Benjamin Perkins    9781118388044
34    Professional Node.js—Building Javascript-Based Scalable Software    Pedro Teixeira    9781118185469
35    Professional SQL Server 2012 Internals and Troubleshooting    Christian Bolton    9781118177655
36    Programming Interviews Exposed—Secrets to Landing Your Next Job, Third Edition    John Mongan, Eric Giguère and Noah Kindler    9781118261361
37    Programming with Java - A Multimedia Approach    Radhika S. Grover    9781449638610
38    Programming with JavaScript — Algorithms and Applications for Desktop and Mobile Browsers    John David Dionisio and Ray Toal    9780763780609
39    SAP ERP Financials Quick Reference Guide—SAP ECC 6.0    Surya Padhi    9781936420315
40    Secure Software Design    Theodor Richardson and Charless N. Thies    9781449626327
41    Security Engineering for Cloud Computing—Approaches and Tools    David G. Rosado, Daniel Mellado, Eduardo Fernandez-Medina and Mario Piattini (eds)    9781466621251
42    Software Testing in the Cloud—Perspectives on an Emerging Discipline    Scott Tilley and Tauhida Parveen (eds)    9781466625365
43    The Rootkit Arsenal — Escape and Evasion in the Dark Corners of the System, Second Edition    Bill Blunden    9781449626365
44    The Value of RFID—Benefits vs. Costs    Alp Ustundag (ed)    9781447143444
45    Web Programming and Internet Technologies - An E-Commerce Approach    Porter Scobey and Pawan Lingras    9780763773878
46    .NET 4 for Enterprise Architects and Developers    Sudhanshu Hate and Suchi Paharia    9781439862933
47    101 Ready-to-Use Excel Macros    Michael Alexander and John Walkenbach    9781118281215
48    3D Animation Essentials    Andy Beane    9781118147481
49    42 Rules for Applying Google Analytics    Rob Sanders    9781607730408
50    A Primer of Multicast Routing    Eric Rosenberg    9781461418726
51    Achieving Federated and Self-Manageable Cloud Infrastructures - Theory and Practice    Massimo Villari, Ivona Brandic and Francesco Tusa (eds)    9781466616318
52    Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Bible    Joseph Lowery    9781118170632
53    Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Essentials    William Heldman    9781118129654
54    Adobe Photoshop CS6 Essentials    Scott Onstott    9781118094952
55    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 FAQs—365 of Your Lightroom 4 Questions Answered    Stan Sholik    9781118352465
56    Advanced Automated Software Testing—Frameworks for Refined Practice    Izzat Alsmadi (ed)    9781466600898
57    Advanced Google AdWords, Second Edition    Brad Geddes    9781118194508
58    Advanced Internet Protocols, Services, and Applications    Eiji Oki, Roberto Rojas-Cessa, Mallikarjun Tatipamula and Christian Vogt    9780470499030
59    Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics, Third Edition    Brian Clifton    9781118168448
60    Advancements in Distributed Computing and Internet Technologies - Trends and Issues    Al-Sakib Khan Pathan, Mukaddim Pathan and Hae Young Lee (eds)    9781613501108
61    Advances in Intelligence and Security Informatics    Wenji Mao and Fei-Yue Wang    9780123972002
62    Agile Oracle Application Express    Patrick Cimolini and Karen Cannell    9781430237594
63    Algorithmic and Architectural Gaming Design - Implementation and Development    Ashok Kumar, Jim Etheredge and Aaron Boudreaux (eds)    9781466616349
64    An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Image Processing—Pixels, Numbers, and Programs    Steven L. Tanimoto    9780262017169
65    An Introduction to Hacking and Crimeware—A Pocket Guide    Victoria Loewengart    9781849283281
66    An Introduction to IMS - Your Complete Guide to IBM Information Management System, Second Edition    Barbara Klein et al.    9780132886871
67    Android Apps with Eclipse    Onur Cinar    9781430244349
68    Android Fully Loaded, Second Edition    Rob Huddleston    9781118173022
69    Anonymous Security Systems and Applications - Requirements and Solutions    Shinsuke Tamura (ed)    9781466616493
70    Applied Data Mining for Forecasting Using SAS    Tim Rey, Arthur Kordon and Chip Wells    9781607646624
71    Applied Natural Language Processing - Identification, Investigation, and Resolution    Philip M. McCarthy and Chutima Boonthum-Denecke (eds)    9781609607418
72    Arduino and Kinect Projects - Design, Build, Blow Their Minds    Enrique Ramos Melgar, Ciriaco Castro Díez and Przemek Jaworski    9781430241676
73    AutoCAD 2013 3D Modeling    Munir M. Hamad    9781936420414
74    AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD LT 2013 Essentials    Scott Onstott and Neil Edde    9781118244814
75    AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD LT 2013—No Experience Required    Donnie Gladfelter    9781118281741
76    Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 Essentials    Randi L. Derakhshani and Dariush Derakhshani    9781118130551
77    Autodesk Inventor 2013 and Autodesk Inventor LT 2013—Essentials    Thom Tremblay    9781118244791
78    Autodesk Maya 2013—Essentials    Paul Naas    9781118167748
79    Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013—No Experience Required    Eric Wing    9781118255940
80    Automotive Internetworking    Timo Kosch, Markus Strassberger, Marc Bechler and Christoph Schroth    9780470749791
81    Beginning Android ADK with Arduino    Mario Böhmer    9781430241973
82    Beginning Android Web Apps Development—Develop for Android Using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript    Jon Westfall, Rocco Augusto and Grant Allen    9781430239574
83    Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 in VB    Matthew MacDonald    9781430243298
84    Beginning iOS 3D Unreal Games Development    Robert Chin    9781430240358
85    Beginning Kinect Programming with the Microsoft Kinect SDK    Jarrett Webb and James Ashley    9781430241041
86    Beginning Metro Application Development in Windows 8 – XAML Edition    Kyle Burns    9781430245667
87    Beginning Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Programming    Paul Atkinson and Robert Vieira    9781118102282
88    Beginning Perl    Curtis "Ovid" Poe    9781118013847
89    Beginning PhoneGap—Mobile Web Framework for JavaScript and HTML5    Rohit Ghatol and Yogesh Patel    9781430239031
90    Beginning R—An Introduction to Statistical Programming    Larry Pace    9781430245544
91    Beginning R—The Statistical Programming Language    Mark Gardener    9781118164303
92    Beginning Silverlight 5 in C#, Fourth Edition    Robert Lair    9781430234616
93    Beginning SQL Server 2012 Administration    Rob Walters and Grant Fritchey    9781430239819
94    Beginning SQL Server 2012 for Developers    Robin Dewson    9781430237501
95    Beginning Windows 8 Application Development    István Novák, György Balássy, Zoltán Arvai and Dávid Fülöp    9781118012680
96    Beginning Windows Phone App Development    Henry Lee and Eugene Chuvyrov    9781430241348
97    Beginning XML, 5th Edition    Joe Fawcett, Liam R.E. Quin and Danny Ayers    9781118162132
98    Biologically Inspired Networking and Sensing - Algorithms and Architectures    Pietro Lio and Dinesh Verma (eds)    9781613500927
99    Break Away with Intel Atom Processors—Architecture Migration Activities    Lori M. Matassa and Max Domeika    9781934053447
100    Building Business Intelligence Using SAS - Content Development Examples    Tricia Aanderud and Angela Hall    9781607649885
101    Building Mobile Experiences    Frank Bentley and Edward Barrett    9780262017930
102    Business Data Communications and Networking, Eleventh Edition    Jerry Fitzgerald, Allan Dennis and Alexandra Durcikova    9781118086834
103    Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Simplified - 500 Questions, Answers, and Tips    Arshad Khan    9781936420322
104    Business Strategy and Applications in Enterprise IT Governance    Wim Van Grembergen and Steven De Haes (eds)    9781466617797
105    CASP CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner Study Guide (Exam CAS-001)    Michael Gregg and Billy Haines    9781118083192
106    CISO's Guide to Penetration Testing—A Framework to Plan, Manage, and Maximize Benefits    James S. Tiller    9781439880272
107    CISSP Exam Prep—Questions, Answers & Explanations    SSI Logic Publishing    9780982576847
108    CISSP—Certified Information Systems Security Professional Study Guide, Sixth Edition    James M. Stewart, Mike Chapple and Darril Gibson    9781118314173
109    Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking—Your Journey to Efficient and Effective Information Services    Greg Schulz    9781439851739
110    Cloud Computing for Teaching and Learning - Strategies for Design and Implementation    Lee Chao (ed)    9781466609570
111    Cloud Computing—Assessing the Risks    Jared Carstensen, Bernard Golden and JP Morgenthal    9781849283595
112    COBIT 5 — A Business Framework for the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT    ISACA    9781604202373
113    COBIT 5 — Enabling Processes    ISACA    9781604202397
114    COBIT 5 Implementation    ISACA    9781604202380
115    Coding for Penetration Testers—Building Better Tools    Jason Andress and Ryan Linn    9781597497299
116    Collaborative Enterprise Architecture—Enriching EA with Lean, Agile, and Enterprise 2.0 Practices    Stefan Bente, Uwe Bombosch and Shailendra Langade    9780124159341
117    CompTIA Network+ All-in-0ne Exam Guide, Fifth Edition (Exam N10-005)    Mike Meyers    9780071789226
118    CompTIA Network+ Certification Practice Exams (Exam N10-005)    Robb H. Tracy    9780071788816
119    CompTIA Network+ Deluxe Study Guide, Second Edition (Exam N10-005)    Todd Lammle    9781118137543
120    CompTIA Network+ Study Guide, Second Edition    Todd Lammle    9781118137550
121    Computational and Data Grids - Principles, Applications and Design    Nikolaos P. Preve (ed)    9781613501139
122    Computer and Machine Vision—Theory, Algorithms, Practicalities, Fourth Edition    E. R. Davies    9780123869081
123    Continuous Authentication Using Biometrics - Data, Models, and Metrics    Issa Traoré and Ahmed Awad E. Ahmed (eds)    9781613501290
124    Crime Prevention Technologies and Applications for Advancing Criminal Investigation    Chang-Tsun Li and Anthony T.S. Ho (eds)    9781466617582
125    CWNA—Certified Wireless Network Administrator Official Study Guide, Third Edition    David D. Coleman and David A. Westcott    9781118127797
126    CWTS—Certified Wireless Technology Specialist Official Study Guide, Second Edition    Robert J. Bartz    9781118359112
127    Cyber Forensics—From Data to Digital Evidence    Albert J. Marcella, Jr. and Frederic Guillossou    9781118273661
128    Cyber Security Policy Guidebook    Jennifer L. Bayuk et al.    9781118027806
129    Cybersecurity—Public Sector Threats and Responses    Kim Andreasson    9781439846636
130    Data Intensive Distributed Computing—Challenges and Solutions for Large-Scale Information Management    Tevfik Kosar (ed)    9781615209712
131    Data Mining Tools for Malware Detection    Mehedy Masud, Latifur Khan and Bhavani Thuraisingham    9781439854549
132    Data Mining—Concepts and Techniques, Third Edition    Jiawei Han, Micheline Kamber and Jian Pei    9780123814791
133    Data Structure For 'C' Programming, Second Edition    Ajay Kumar    9788131802984
134    Data Warehouse Designs—Achieving ROI with Market Basket Analysis and Time Variance    Fon Silvers    9781439870761
135    DB2 Developer's Guide - A Solutions-Oriented Approach to Learning the Foundation and Capabilities of DB2 for z/OS, Sixth Edition    Craig S. Mullins    9780132836425
136    Decision Theory Models for Applications in Artificial Intelligence - Concepts and Solutions    L. Enrique Sucar, Eduardo F. Morales and Jesse Hoey (eds)    9781609601652
137    Defense against the Black Arts - How Hackers Do What They Do and How to Protect against It    Jesse Varsalone    9781439821190
138    Delay Tolerant Networks—Protocols and Applications    Athanasios Vasilakos, Yan Zhang and Thrasyvoulos V. Spyropoulos (eds)    9781439811085
139    Delivering Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Third Edition    Brian Larson     9780071759380
140    Depth Map and 3D Imaging Applications - Algorithms and Technologies    Aamir Saeed Malik, Tae-Sun Choi and Humaira Nisar (eds)    9781613503263
141    Developing and Hosting Applications on the Cloud    Alex Amies, Harm Sluiman, Qiang Guo Tong and Guo Ning Liu    9780133066845
142    Digital Video and HD—Algorithms and Interfaces, Second Edition    Charles Poynton    9780123919267
143    Disciplined Agile Delivery—A Practitioner's Guide to Agile Software Delivery in the Enterprise    Scott Ambler and Mark Lines    9780132810135
144    Disruptive Technologies, Innovation and Global Redesign - Emerging Implications    Ndubuisi Ekekwe and Nazrul Islam (eds)    9781466601345
145    Don't Fear the Spreadsheet    Tyler Nash, Kevin Jones, Tom Urtis and Bill Jelen    9781615470037
146    Drawing in the Digital Age - An Observational Method for Artists and Animators    Wei Xu    9781118176504
147    Ed Bott's Windows 8 Head Start, Consumer Preview Edition    Ed Bott    9780984463596
148    Effective MySQL—Optimizing SQL Statements    Ronald Bradford    9780071782791
149    Embedded Software—The Works, Second Edition    Colin Walls    9780124158221
150    Embedded Systems Security—Practical Methods for Safe and Secure Software and Systems Development    David Kleidermacher and Mike Kleidermacher    9780123868862
151    EnCase Computer Forensics—The Official EnCE: EnCase Certified Examiner Study Guide, Third Edition     Steve Bunting    9780470901069
152    Enhancing Enterprise and Service-Oriented Architectures with Advanced Web Portal Technologies    Greg Adamson    9781466603363
153    Everything You Want To Know About Business Continuity    Tony Drewitt    9781849282000
154    Excel Outside the Box    Bob Umlas    9781615470105
155    Foundation HTML5 with CSS3    Craig Cook and Jason Garber    9781430238768
156    Foundation Version Control for Web Developers    Chris Kemper    9781430239727
157    Foundations of 3D Computer Graphics    Steven J. Gortler    9780262017350
158    Game Character Creation with Blender and Unity    Chris Totten    9781118172728
159    Game Design - Essentials    Briar Lee Mitchell    9781118159279
160    Game Design Secrets    Wagner James Au    9781118337745
161    Gigabit-Capable Passive Optical Networks    Dave Hood and Elmar Trojer    9780470936870
162    GIMP for Absolute Beginners    Jan Smith and Roman Joost    9781430231684
163    Google Secrets—Do What You Never Thought Possible with Google    Yvette Davis    9781118026656
164    Google+ Companion    Mark Hattersley    9781118186466
165    Google's PageRank and Beyond - The Science of Search Engine Rankings    Amy N. Langville and Carl D. Meyer    9780691152660
166    GPU Computing Gems, Jade Edition    Wen-mei W. Hwu (ed)    9780123859631
167    Green Mobile Devices and Networks—Energy Optimization and Scavenging Techniques    Hrishikesh Venkataraman and Gabriel-Miro Muntean (eds)    9781439859896
168    Guide to Cisco Routers Configuration—Becoming a Router Geek    Mohammed M. Alani    9781447142454
169    Guidebook to R Graphics Using Microsoft Windows    Kunio Takezawa    9781118026397
170    Hacking the Kinect    Jeff Kramer, Nicolas Burrus, Florian Echtler, Daniel Herrera C. and Matt Parker    9781430238676
171    Handbook of Mobile Systems Applications and Services    Anup Kumar and Bin Xie (eds)    9781439801529
172    Handbook of Research on Software Engineering and Productivity Technologies - Implications of Globalization    Muthu Ramachandran and Rogério Atem de Carvalho (eds)    9781605667317
173    Handbook on Securing Cyber-Physical Critical Infrastructure—Foundations and Challenges    Sajal K. Das, Krishna Kant and Nan Zhang    9780124158153
174    Heterogeneous Computing with OpenCL    Benedict Gaster, Lee Howes, David R. Kaeli, Perhaad Mistry and Dana Schaa    9780123877666
175    Hiles on Business Continuity—Global Best Practices, Third Edition    Andrew Hiles    9781931332552
176    How to Do Everything—iCloud    Jason R. Rich    9780071790178
177    How to Do Everything—Kindle Fire    Jason R. Rich    9780071793605
178    How to Reduce the Cost of Software Testing    Matthew Heusser and Govind Kulkarni (eds)    9781439861554
179    HTML5 Multimedia Developer’s Guide    Ken Bluttman and Lee Cottrell    9780071752824
180    Hybrid Algorithms for Service, Computing and Manufacturing Systems—Routing and Scheduling Solutions    Jairo R. Montoya-Torres, Angel A. Juan, Luisa Huaccho Huatuco, Javier Faulin and Gloria L. Rodriguez-Verjan (eds)    9781613500866
181    IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10—The Official Guide    Dan Volitich and Gerard Ruppert    9780071775939
182    IBM Cognos TM1—The Official Guide    Karsten Oehler, Jochen Gruenes and Christopher Ilacqua    9780071765695
183    Illustrated C# 2012, Second Edition    Daniel M. Solis    9781430242789
184    Implementing Service Quality Based on ISO/IEC 20000—A Management Guide, Second Edition    Michael Kunas    9781849281928
185    Implementing Service Quality based on ISO/IEC 20000—A Management Guide, Third Edition    Michael Kunas    9781849284424
186    Importance Measures in Reliability, Risk, and Optimization—Principles and Applications    Way Kuo and Xiaoyan Zhu    9781119993445
187    Information Security Governance Simplified - From the Boardroom to the Keyboard    Todd Fitzgerald    9781439811634
188    Information Security Management Handbook, Sixth Edition, Volume 5    Harold F. Tipton and Micki Krause Nozaki (eds)    9781439853450
189    Information Security Management Handbook, Sixth Edition, Volume 6    Harold F. Tipton and Micki Krause Nozaki (eds)    9781439893135
190    Information Storage and Management—Storing, Managing, and Protecting Digital Information in Classic, Virtualized, and Cloud Environments, 2nd Edition    EMC Education Services    9781118094839
191    Innovations in Embedded and Real-Time Systems Engineering for Communication    Seppo Virtanen (ed)    9781466609129
192    Introducing .NET 4.5, Second Edition    Alex Mackey, William Stewart Tulloch and Mahesh Krishnan    9781430243328
193    Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 11    Frank D. Luna    9781936420223
194    Introduction to the Boost C++ Libraries—Volume II – Advanced Libraries    Robert Demming and Daniel J. Duffy    9789491028021
195    Introduction to Wireless Localization—With iPhone SDK Examples    Eddie C.L. Chan and George Baciu    9781118298510
196    iOS App Development Portable Genius    Richard Wentk    9781118329894
197    iOS Hacker's Handbook    Charlie Miller et al.    9781118204122
198    IP Telephony Interconnection Reference - Challenges, Models, and Engineering    Mohamed Boucadair, Isabel Borges, Pedro Miguel Neves and Ólafur Páll Einarsson    9781439851784
199    iPad Secrets    Darren Murph    9781118247365
200    Is Your Company Ready for Cloud?—Choosing the Best Cloud Adoption Strategy for Your Business    Pamela K. Isom and Kerrie Holley    9780132599849
201    IT Best Practices—Management, Teams, Quality, Performance, and Projects    Tom C. Witt    9781439868546
202    IT Governance—An International Guide to Data Security and ISO27001/ ISO27002, Fifth Edition    Alan Calder and Steve Watkins    9780749464851
203    IT Service Management - A Guide for ITIL® Foundation Exam Candidates, Second Edition    Ernest Brewster, Richard Griffiths, Aidan Lawes and John Sansbury    9781906124939
204    IT Service Management Foundation Practice Questions - For ITIL® Foundation Exam Candidates, Second Edition    Steve Mann (ed), Tony Gannon and Nigel Mear    9781780171142
205    ITIL® Exam Prep—Questions, Answers & Explanations    Christopher Scordo    9780982576816
206    Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 2012    Ivor Horton    9781118368084
207    Joe Celko's Trees and Hierarchies in SQL for Smarties, Second Edition    Joe Celko    9780123877338
208    Knowledge Management and Drivers of Innovation in Services Industries    Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos and Miltiadis D. Lytras (ed)    9781466609488
209    Landing Page Optimization—The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions, Second Edition    Tim Ash, Rich Page and Maura Ginty    9780470610121
210    Law, Policy, and Technology—Cyberterrorism, Information Warfare, and Internet Immobilization    Pauline C. Reich and Eduardo Gelbstein (eds)    9781615208319
211    Learn HTML5 and JavaScript for Android    Gavin Williams    9781430243472
212    Learn HTML5 and JavaScript for iOS    Scott Preston    9781430240389
213    Learn Objective-C on the Mac - For iOS and OS X, Second Edition    Scott Knaster, Waqar Malik and Mark Dalrymple    9781430241881
214    Light—Science & Magic—An Introduction to Photographic Lighting, Fourth Edition    Fil Hunter, Paul Fuqua and Steven Biver    9780240812250
215    Linear and Nonlinear Video and TV Applications—Using IPv6 and IPv6 Multicast    Daniel Minoli    9781118186589
216    Linux Administration—A Beginner’s Guide, Sixth Edition    Wale Soyinka    9780071767583
217    Linux Essentials    Roderick W. Smith    9781118106792
218    Low Tech Hacking—Street Smarts for Security Professionals    Jack Wiles et al.    9781597496650
219    M2M Communications—A Systems Approach    David Boswarthick, Omar Elloumi and Olivier Hersent (eds)    9781119994756
220    Mac OS X Lion Server Portable Genius    Richard Wentk    9781118031735
221    MacBook Pro Portable Genius, 4th Edition    Brad Miser    9781118363614
222    Machine-to-Machine Marketing (M3) via Anonymous Advertising Apps Anywhere Anytime (A5)    Jesús Mena    9781439881910
223    Make Music with Your iPad    Ben Harvell    9781118145586
224    Making Your Data Center Energy Efficient - How to Save Big on Data Center Energy Costs    Gilbert Held    9781439855539
225    Malware Forensics Field Guide for Windows Systems—Digital Forensics Field Guides    Cameron H. Malin, Eoghan Casey and James M. Aquilina    9781597494724
226    Marketing in the Age of Google—Your Online Strategy is Your Business Strategy, Revised and Updated    Vanessa Fox    9781118231937
227    Mastering AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD LT 2013    George Omura and Brian C. Benton    9781118174074
228    Mastering Autodesk 3ds Max 2013    Jeffrey M. Harper    9781118129715
229    Mastering Autodesk Maya 2013    Todd Palamar, Lee Lanier and Anthony Honn    9781118130582
230    Mastering Autodesk Navisworks 2013    Jason Dodds and Scott Johnson    9781118281710
231    Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013    Philip Read, Eddy Krygiel and James Vandezande    9781118174081
232    Mastering System Center 2012 Configuration Manager    Steve Rachui, Kent Agerlund, Santos Martinez and Peter Daalmans    9781118128985
233    Mastering Windows Network Forensics and Investigation, Second Edition    Steve Anson, Steve Bunting, Ryan Johnson and Scott Pearson    9781118163825
234    Microsoft Access 2010 Programing By Example - With VBA, XML, and ASP    Julitta Korol    9781936420025
235    Microsoft Private Cloud Computing    Aidan Finn, Hans Vredevoort, Patrick Lownds and Damian Flynn    9781118251478
236    Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Bible    Adam Jorgensen, Patrick LeBlanc, Jose Chinchilla, Jorge Segarra and Aaron Nelson    9781118106877
237    Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services, Fourth Edition    Brian Larson    9780071760478
238    Migrating to the Cloud—Oracle Client/Server Modernization    Tom Laszewski and Prakash Nauduri    9781597496476
239    Mike Meyers’ CompTIA Network+ Certification Passport, Fourth Edition (Exam N10-005)    Mike Meyers and Scott Jernigan    9780071789059
240    Mobile Technology Consumption - Opportunities and Challenges    Barbara L. Ciaramitaro (ed)    9781613501504
241    Mobile Video with Mobile IPv6    Daniel Minoli    9781118354971
242    Modern Fortran in Practice    Arjen Markus    9781107017900
243    Moving to the Cloud—Developing Apps in the New World of Cloud Computing    Dinkar Sitaram and Geetha Manjunath    9781597497251
244    Multilingual Natural Language Processing Applications - From Theory to Practice    Daniel M. Bikel and Imed Zitouni    9780137151448
245    Multimedia Communications and Networking    Mário Marques da Silva    9781439874844
246    My New iPad—A User’s Guide, 3rd Edition    Wallace Wang    9781593274290
247    Network Coding—Fundamentals and Applications    Muriel Médard and Alex Sprintson (eds)    9780123809186
248    Next Generation Search Engines - Advanced Models for Information Retrieval    Christophe Jouis, Ismail Biskri, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia and Magali Roux (eds)    9781466603301
249    Noiseless Steganography—The Key to Covert Communications    Abdelrahman Desoky    9781439846216
250    On Top of the Cloud—How CIOs Leverage New Technologies to Drive Change and Build Value Across the Enterprise    Hunter Muller    9781118065822
251    Open Source Cloud Computing Systems—Practices and Paradigms    Luis M. Vaquero, Juan Cáceres and Juan J. Hierro (eds)    9781466600980
252    Open Source Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence    Lakshman Bulusu    9781439816400
253    Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques    Richard J. Niemiec    9780071780261
254    Organizational Integration of Enterprise Systems and Resources—Advancements and Applications    João Varajão, Maria Manuela Cruz-Cunha and António Trigo (eds)    9781466617643
255    OS X Mountain Lion Bible    Galen Gruman    9781118401439
256    Painter 12 for Photographers—Creating Painterly Images Step by Step    Martin Addison    9780240522715
257    Penetration Testing—Protecting Networks and Systems    Kevin M. Henry    9781849283717
258    Performance and Dependability in Service Computing—Concepts, Techniques and Research Directions    Valeria Cardellini, Emiliano Casalicchio, Kalinka Regina Lucas Jaquie Castelo Branco, Júlio Cezar Estrella and Francisco José Monaco (eds)    9781609607944
259    Perspectives and Implications for the Development of Information Infrastructures    Panos Constantinides    9781466616226
260    PHP & MySQL—Novice to Ninja, 5th Edition    Kevin Yank    9780987153081
261    Practical Data Migration, Second Edition    Johny Morris    9781906124847
262    Practical HTML5 Projects    Adrian W. West    9781430242758
263    Practical Load Balancing - Ride the Performance Tiger    Peter Membrey, David Hows and Eelco Plugge    9781430236801
264    Practical Malware Analysis—The Hands-On Guide to Dissecting Malicious Software    Michael Sikorski and Andrew Honig    9781593272906
265    Practical SharePoint 2010 Information Architecture    Ruven Gotz    9781430241768
266    Practical Text Mining and Statistical Analysis for Non-Structured Text Data Applications    Gary Miner et al.    9780123869791
267    Predicting Malicious Behavior—Tools and Techniques for Ensuring Global Security    Gary M. Jackson    9781118166130
268    Privacy Protection Measures and Technologies in Business Organizations - Aspects and Standards    George O.M. Yee (ed)    9781613505014
269    Privacy, Intrusion Detection, and Response - Technologies for Protecting Networks    Peyman Kabiri (ed)    9781609608361
270    Private Cloud Computing—Consolidation, Virtualization, and Service-Oriented Infrastructure    Stephen R. Smoot and Nam-Kee Tan    9780123849199
271    Pro Android Games, Second Edition    Vladimir Silva    9781430247975
272    Pro Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio, Second Edition    Joachim Rossberg    9781430243441
273    Pro ASP.NET MVC 4, Fourth Edition    Adam Freeman and Steve Sanderson    9781430242369
274    Pro HTML5 Accessibility - Building an Inclusive Web    Joshue O Connor    9781430241942
275    Pro JavaFX 2—A Definitive Guide to Rich Clients with Java Technology    Jim Weaver, Weiqi Gao, Stephen Chin and Dean Iverson    9781430268727
276    Pro JavaScript for Web Apps    Adam Freeman    9781430244615
277    Pro jQuery    Adam Freeman    9781430240952
278    Pro Multithreading and Memory Management for iOS and OS X    Kazuki Sakamoto    9781430241164
279    Pro NuGet    Maarten Balliauw and Xavier Decoster    9781430241911
280    Pro Office 365 Development    Mark J. Collins and Michael Mayberry    9781430240747
281    Pro SharePoint 2010 Governance    Steve Wright and Corey Erkes    9781430240778
282    Pro Spatial with SQL Server 2012    Alastair Aitchison    9781430234913
283    Pro Spring 3    Clarence Ho and Rob Harrop    9781430241072
284    Pro Spring MVC - With Web Flow    Marten Deinum, Koen Serneels, Colin Yates and Seth Ladd    9781430241553
285    Pro SQL Server 2012 Administration    Ken Simmons and Sylvester Carstarphen    9781430239154
286    Pro SQL Server 2012 Integration Services    Francis Rodrigues, Michael Coles and David Dye    9781430236924
287    Pro Tools 101—An Introduction to Pro Tools 10    Frank D. Cook    9781133776550
288    Pro Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 Development    Tim Leung and Yann Duran    9781430240082
289    Pro Website Development and Operations - Streamlining DevOps for Large-Scale Websites    Matthew Sacks    9781430239697
290    Pro WPF 4.5 in C#—Windows Presentation Foundation in .NET 4.5, Fourth Edition    Matthew MacDonald    9781430243656
291    Process-Driven SOA—Patterns for Aligning Business and IT    Carsten Hentrich and Uwe Zdun    9781439889299
292    Professional Android 4 Application Development    Reto Meier    9781118102275
293    Professional Android Sensor Programming    Greg Milette and Adam Stroud    9781118183489
294    Professional ASP.NET MVC 4    Jon Galloway, Phil Haack, Brad Wilson and K. Scott Allen    9781118348468
295    Professional HTML5 Mobile Game Development    Pascal Rettig    9781118301326
296    Professional jQuery    Cesar Otero    9781118026687
297    Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Administration    Adam Jorgensen, Steven Wort, Ross LoForte and Brian Knight    9781118106884
298    Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services with MDX and DAX    Sivakumar Harinath, Ronald Pihlgren, Denny Guang-Yeu Lee, John Sirmon and Robert M. Bruckner    9781118101100
299    Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services    Paul Turley, Robert M. Bruckner, Thiago Silva, Ken Withee and Grant Paisley    9781118101117
300    Professional Mobile Application Development    Jeff McWherter et al.    9781118203903
301    Professional Sitecore Development    John West    9780470939017
302    Programming 16-Bit PIC Microcontrollers in C—Learning to Fly the PIC 24    Lucio Di Jasio    9781856178709
303    Programming Microsoft's Clouds - Windows Azure and Office 365    Thomas Rizzo et al.    9781118076569
304    Pushing the Limits with iOS 5 Programming—Advanced Application Development for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch    Rob Napier and Mugunth Kumar    9781119961321
305    Reverse Deception—Organized Cyber Threat Counter-Exploitation    Sean Bodmer, Max Kilger, Gregory Carpenter and Jade Jones    9780071772495
306    Running IT like a Business—A Step-by-Step Guide to Accenture’s Internal IT, Second Edition    Robert E. Kress    9781849283564
307    SAP Lessons Learned—Human Capital Management - SAP Experts Share Experiences to Directly Impact Your Next Initiative    LaShonda Rahming (ed)    9781600052170
308    Secure and Resilient Software - Requirements, Test Cases, and Testing Methods    Mark S. Merkow and Lakshmikanth Raghavan    9781439866214
309    Securing the Virtual Environment—How to Defend the Enterprise against Attack    Davi Ottenheimer and Matthew Wallace    9781118155486
310    Security Battleground—An Executive Field Manual    Michael Fey et al.    9781934053461
311    Security De-Engineering - Solving the Problems in Information Risk Management    Ian Tibble    9781439868348
312    Security Metrics—A Beginner’s Guide    Caroline Wong    9780071744003
313    Self-Organizing Networks (SON)—Self-Planning, Self-Optimization and Self-Healing for GSM, UMTS and LTE    Juan Ramiro and Khalid Hamied (eds)    9780470973523
314    Service Availability - Principles and Practice    Maria Toeroe and Francis Tam (eds)    9781119954088
315    Service Life Cycle Tools and Technologies - Methods, Trends, and Advances    Jonathan Lee, Shang-Pin Ma and Alan Liu (eds)    9781613501597
316    SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Architect's Guidebook    Brian Wilson, Reza Alirezaei, Bill Baer and Martin Kearn    9780470643198
317    Sketching User Experiences—The Workbook    Saul Greenberg, Sheelagh Carpendale, Nicolai Marquardt and Bill Buxton    9780123819598
318    Smashing WordPress—Beyond the Blog, 3rd Edition    Thord Daniel Hedengren    9781119942719
319    Software Engineering Design—Theory and Practice    Carlos E. Otero    9781439851685
320    Software in 30 Days—How Agile Managers Beat the Odds, Delight Their Customers, and Leave Competitors in the Dust    Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland    9781118206669
321    Software Maintenance Success Recipes    Donald J. Reifer    9781439851661
322    Software Process Improvement and Management - Approaches and Tools for Practical Development    Shukor Sanim Mohd Fauzi, Mohd Hairul Nizam Md Nasir, Nuraminah Ramli and Shamsul Sahibuddin (eds)    9781613501412
323    SQL Injection Attacks and Defense, Second Edition    Justin Clarke et al.    9781597499637
324    SQL Server 2012 Query Performance Tuning, Third Edition    Grant Fritchey    9781430242031
325    SSCP Systems Security Certified Practitioner—All-in-One Exam Guide    Darril Gibson    9780071771566
326    Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches for Network Analysis    Matthias Dehmer and Subhash C. Basak (eds)    9780470195154
327    Statistical and Machine-Learning Data Mining—Techniques for Better Predictive Modeling and Analysis of Big Data, Second Edition    Bruce Ratner    9781439860915
328    Storage Concepts—Storing and Managing Digital Data    Peter Manijak, Martin Stewart and Pavel Vild (eds)    9780615656496
329    Structured Parallel Programming—Patterns for Efficient Computation    Michael McCool, Arch D. Robison and James Reinders    9780124159938
330    Swipe This!—The Guide to Great Touchscreen Game Design    Scott Rogers    9781119966968
331    Taming the Big Data Tidal Wave—Finding Opportunities in Huge Data Streams with Advanced Analytics    Bill Franks    9781118208786
332    Technological Applications and Advancements in Service Science, Management, and Engineering    Stuart D. Galup (ed)    9781466615830
333    Temporal QoS Management in Scientific Cloud Workflow Systems    Xiao Liu, Jinjun Chen and Yun Yang    9780123970107
334    The 7 Qualities of Highly Secure Software    Mano Paul    9781439814468
335    The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book    Richard Lynch    9780240522524
336    The Artist’s Guide to GIMP— Creative Techniques for Photographers, Artists, and Designers, 2nd Edition    Michael J. Hammel    9781593274146
337    The Basics of Digital Forensics - The Primer for Getting Started in Digital Forensics    John Sammons    9781597496612
338    The Computer Incident Response Planning Handbook—Executable Plans for Protecting Information at Risk    N. K. McCarthy    9780071790390
339    The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords—Create Versatile and Powerful Marketing and Advertising Campaigns    Bart Weller and Lori Calcott    9781430240143
340    The Definitive Guide to IT Service Metrics    Kurt McWhirter and Ted Gaughan    9781849284059
341    The Hands-on XBee Lab Manual—Experiments That Teach You XBee Wireless Communications    Jonathan A. Titus    9780123914040
342    The IFPUG Guide to IT and Software Measurement    IFPUG (ed)    9781439869307
343    The Internet of Things—Key Applications and Protocols    Olivier Hersent, David Boswarthick and Omar Elloumi    9781119994350
344    The Linux Command Line—A Complete Introduction    William E. Shotts    9781593273897
345    The Tangled Web—A Guide to Securing Modern Web Applications    Michal Zalewski    9781593273880
346    Theoretical and Analytical Service–Focused Systems Design and Development    Dickson K.W. Chiu (ed)    9781466617674
347    Threats, Countermeasures, and Advances in Applied Information Security    Manish Gupta, John Walp and Raj Sharman (eds)    9781466609785
348    Ultra-Fast ASP.NET 4.5 - Building Ultra-Fast and Ultra-Scalable Web Sites Using ASP.NET 4.5 and SQL Server 2012, Second Edition    Richard Kiessig    9781430243380
349    Understanding Information Retrieval Systems—Management, Types, and Standards    Marcia J. Bates (ed)    9781439891964
350    Up and Running with AutoCAD 2012—2D and 3D Drawing and Modeling    Elliot Gindis    9780123870292
351    Up and Running with AutoCAD 2012—2D Drawing and Modeling    Elliot Gindis    9780123876836
352    VCP5—VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5 Study Guide    Brian Atkinson    9781118181126
353    Virtualization Essentials    Matthew Portnoy    9781118176719
354    Visual Basic 2012—Programmer's Reference    Rod Stephens    9781118314074
355    VoIP and Unified Communications—Internet Telephony and the Future Voice Network    William A. Flanagan    9781118019214
356    Web Developer’s Cookbook—More than 300 Ready-Made PHP, JavaScript, and CSS Recipes    Robin Nixon    9780071794312
357    Webbots, Spiders, and Screen Scrapers —A Guide to Developing Internet Agents with PHP/CURL, Second Edition    Michael Schrenk    9781593273972
358    Website Optimization - An Hour a Day    Rich Page    9781118196519
359    Windows 8 Executive Summary—What Your Business Needs to Know    Mary Branscombe and Simon Bisson    9781938425059
360    Windows Forensic Analysis Toolkit—Advanced Analysis Techniques for Windows 7, Third Edition    Harlan Carvey and Jennifer Kolde    9781597497275
361    Wireless Network Security—A Beginner’s Guide    Tyler Wrightson    9780071760942
362    XDA Developers' Android Hacker's Toolkit—The Complete Guide to Rooting, ROMs and Theming    Jason Tyler and Will Verduzco    9781119951384
363    ZBrush Professional Tips and Techniques    Paul Gaboury    9781118066805
364    Adaptive Security Management Architecture    James S. Tiller    9780849370526
365    Adobe Photoshop Elements 9—Maximum Performance—Unleash the Hidden Performance of Elements    Mark Galer and Abhijit Chattaraj    9780240522425
366    Advanced Communication Protocol Technologies—Solutions, Methods, and Applications    Katalin Tarnay, Tibor Dulai and Gusztáv Adamis (eds)    9781609607326
367    Affiliate Program Management—An Hour a Day    Evgenii "Geno" Prussakov    9780470651735
368    Algorithmic Problem Solving    Roland Backhouse    9780470684535
369    Algorithms and Parallel Computing    Fayez Gebali    9780470902103
370    An Introduction to Practical Formal Methods Using Temporal Logic    Michael Fisher    9780470027882
371    Android Forensics—Investigation, Analysis, and Mobile Security for Google Android    Andrew Hoog    9781597496513
372    Antipatterns—Managing Software Organizations and People, Second Edition    Colin J. Neill, Phillip A. Laplante and Joanna F. DeFranco    9781439861868
373    Architecture & Patterns for IT Service Management, Resource Planning, and Governance—Making Shoes for the Cobbler's Children, Second Edition    Charles Betz     9780123850171
374    Brave NUI World—Designing Natural User Interfaces for Touch and Gesture    Daniel Wigdor and Dennis Wixon    9780123822314
375    Breaking the Addiction to Process—An Introduction to Agile Project Management    Elizabeth Scanlon Thomas    9781849281768
376    Creative Sequencing Techniques for Music Production—A Practical Guide to Pro Tools, Logic, Digital Performer, and Cubase, Second Edition    Andrea Pejrolo    9780240522166
377    CTS Certified Technology Specialist—Exam Guide    Sven Laurik    9780071739191
378    Cyber Warfare—Techniques, Tactics and Tools for Security Practitioners    Jason Andress and Steve Winterfeld    9781597496377
379    Data Architecture—From Zen to Reality    Charles D. Tupper    9780123851260
380    Data Center Storage - Cost-Effective Strategies, Implementation, and Management    Hubbert Smith    9781439834879
381    Data Modeling - Logical Database Design    Sideris Courseware Corporation    9781936930197
382    Designing for Print—An In-Depth Guide to Planning, Creating, and Producing Successful Design Projects, Second Edition    Charles Conover    9780470905975
383    Designing Green Networks and Network Operations—Reducing Enterprises' and Carriers' Carbon Footprint and Saving Run-the-Engine Costs With Green Networks and Data Centers    Daniel Minoli    9781439816387
384    Digital Evidence and Computer Crime—Forensic Science, Computers and the Internet, Third Edition    Eoghan Casey    9780123742681
385    Digital Video Distribution in Broadband, Television, Mobile and Converged Networks—Trends, Challenges and Solution    Sanjoy Paul    9780470746288
386    Effective Security Management, Fifth Edition    Charles A. Sennewald    9780123820129
387    Evolutionary Optimization—The µGP Toolkit    Ernesto Sanchez, Massimiliano Schillaci and Giovanni Squillero    9780387094250
388    FEAC Certified Enterprise Architect CEA Study Guide    Prakash C. Rao, Ann Reedy and Beryl Bellman    9780071756136
389    Financial Simulation Modeling in Excel—A Step-by-Step Guide    Keith Allman, Josh Laurito and Michael Loh    9780470931226
390    Foundation HTML5 Animation with JavaScript    Billy Lamberta and Keith Peters    9781430236658
391    Game Theory for Wireless Communications and Networking    Yan Zhang and Mohsen Guizani (eds)    9781439808894
392    Geographic Information Systems & Science, Third Edition    Paul A. Longley, Mike Goodchild, David J. Maguire and David W. Rhind    9780470721445
393    Heuristic Search—Theory and Applications    Stefan Edelkamp and Stefan Schrödl    9780123725127
394    Human-Computer Interaction and Innovation in Handheld, Mobile and Wearable Technologies    Joanna Lumsden (ed)    9781609604998
395    ICT Ethics and Security in the 21st Century—New Developments and Applications    Marian Quigley (ed)    9781609605735
396    IMS Application Developer's Handbook—Creating and Deploying Innovative IMS Applications    Rogier Noldus et al.    9780123821928
397    Introducing Character Animation with Blender, Second Edition    Tony Mullen    9780470427378
398    IP Telephony—Deploying VoIP Protocols and IMS Infrastructure, Second Edition    Olivier Hersent    9780470665848
399    Machine Learning Forensics for Law Enforcement, Security, and Intelligence    Jesús Mena    9781439860694
400    Managing Oracle Fusion Applications    Richard Bingham    9780071750332
401    Mastering Software Quality Assurance—Best Practices, Tools and Techniques for Software Developers    Murali Chemuturi    9781604270327
402    Maya Studio Projects—Photorealistic Characters    Todd Palamar    9780470944974
403    Meet the Kinect - An Introduction to Programming Natural User Interfaces    Sean Kean, Jonathan C. Hall and Phoenix Perry    9781430238881
404    Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio    Mike Senior    9780240815800
405    Mobile Opportunistic Networks - Architectures, Protocols and Applications    Mieso K. Denko (ed)    9781420088120
406    Moving Media Storage Technologies—Applications & Workflows for Video and Media Server Platforms    Karl Paulsen    9780240814483
407    New Generation of Portal Software and Engineering - Emerging Technologies    Jana Polgar and Greg Adamson (eds)    9781609605711
408    New Technologies for Digital Crime and Forensics - Devices, Applications, and Software    Chang-Tsun Li and Anthony T.S. Ho (eds)    9781609605155
409    Penetration Tester's Open Source Toolkit, Third Edition    Jeremy Faircloth    9781597496278
410    Pervasive Information Architecture—Designing Cross-Channel User Experiences    Andrea Resmini and Luca Rosati    9780123820945
411    Practical Data Mining    Monte F. Hancock    9781439868362
412    Practical Risk Management for the CIO    Mark Scherling    9781439856536
413    Principles of Communications Networks and Systems    Nevio Benvenuto and Michele Zorzi (eds)    9780470744314
414    Programming in Scala, Second Edition    Martin Odersky, Lex Spoon and Bill Venners    9780981531649
415    Real Retouching—A Professional Step-by-Step Guide    Carrie Beene    9780240814179
416    Real World SOA Stories - How Business and IT Work Together to Build Globally Integrated Enterprises    Jim Hoskins (ed)   
417    Security of Self-Organizing Networks—MANET, WSN, WMN, VANET    Al-Sakib Khan Pathan (ed)    9781439819197
418    Security Patch Management, Second Edition    Felicia M. Nicastro    9781439824993
419    Service Delivery Platforms - Developing and Deploying Converged Multimedia Services    Syed A. Ahson and Mohammad Ilyas (eds)    9781439800898
420    Software Development and Professional Practice    John Dooley    9781430238010
421    The Audio Programming Book    Richard Boulanger and Victor Lazzarini    9780262014465
422    The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing—Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Made Easy    Patrick Engebretson    9781597496551
423    The Basics of Information Security—Understanding the Fundamentals of InfoSec in Theory and Practice    Jason Andress    9781597496537
424    The Digital Matte Painting Handbook    David B. Mattingly    9780470922422
425    The Photoshop Darkroom 2—Creative Digital Transformations    Harold Davis and Phyllis Davis    9780240815312
426    Thor's Microsoft Security Bible—A Collection of Practical Security Techniques    Timothy Mullen    9781597495721
427    Advances in Network Management    Jianguo Ding    9781420064520
428    Decision Support Systems for Business Intelligence, Second Edition    Vicki L. Sauter    9780470433744
429    Getting Design Right—A Systems Approach    Peter L. Jackson    9781439811153
430    Introduction to the Boost C++ Libraries—Volume I – Foundations    Robert Demming and Daniel J. Duffy    9789491028014
431    IT Audit, Control, and Security    Robert R. Moeller    9780471406761
432    Kernel Adaptive Filtering—A Comprehensive Introduction    Weifeng Liu, José C. Príncipe and Simon Haykin    9780470447536
433    Networked Graphics—Building Networked Games and Virtual Environments    Anthony Steed and Manuel Fradinho Oliveira    9780123744234
434    Principles of Broadband Switching and Networking    Tony T. Lee and Soung C. Liew    9780471139010
435    The Handbook of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing    Alexander Clark, Chris Fox and Shalom Lappin (eds)    9781405155816
436    Introduction to Algorithms, Third Edition    Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest and Clifford Stein    9780262033848
437    Mobile Enterprise Transition and Management    Bhuvan Unhelkar    9781420078275
438    Mobile Middleware—Architecture, Patterns and Practice    Sasu Tarkoma and Jaakko Kangasharju    9780470740736
439    Networking Fundamentals—Wide, Local and Personal Area Communications    Kaveh Pahlavan and Prashant Krishnamurthy    9780470992890
440    Software Engineering, Second Edition    Bharat Bhushan Agarwal and Sumit Prakash Tayal    9788190855914
441    Template Matching Techniques in Computer Vision—Theory and Practice    Roberto Brunelli    9780470517062
442    Digital Watermarking and Steganography, Second Edition    Ingemar J. Cox, Matthew L. Miller, Jeffrey A. Bloom, Jessica Fridrich and Ton Kalker    9780123725851
443    Cognitive Networks—Towards Self-Aware Networks    Qusay H. Mahmoud    9780470061961
444    Color Management—Understanding and Using ICC Profiles    Phil Green (ed)    9780470058251
445    Telecommunications and Data Communications Handbook    Ray Horak    9780470396070
446    Embedded Systems Hardware for Software Engineers    Ed Lipiansky    9780071639484


355+ Science Engineering Books. Civil Engineering Ebooks. Chemical Engineering Ebook. Electrical Engineering Book. Mechanical Engineering Books. And Many More.....


Hi all,

We just add 358 New Science Engineering Books for January 2013..

To get the books, follow this link ===> Science Engineering Books

No    Book Title    Authors    ISBN No
1    Advanced Photovoltaic Installations    John Balfour, Michael Shaw and Nicole Bremer Nash    9781449624712
2    Building Code Basics—Commercial 2012    Steve Thomas    9781133283355
3    Building Code Basics—Residential—Based on the 2012 International Residential Code    Stephen A. Van Note    9781133283362
4    Engineering Design Graphics—Sketching, Modeling, and Visualization, Second Edition    James M. Leake    9781118078884
5    Heat Exchanger Equipment Field Manual—Common Operating Problems and Practical Solutions    Maurice Stewart and Oran T. Lewis    9780123970169
6    Introduction to Air Pollution Science - A Public Health Perspective    Robert F. Phalen and Robert N. Phalen    9780763780449
7    LTE-Advanced Air Interface Technology    Xincheng Zhang and Xiaojin Zhou    9781466501522
8    Stallcup's Generator, Transformer, Motor, and Compressor—Based on the NEC and Related Standards, 2011 Edition    James G. Stallcup and James W. Stallcup    9781449605735
9    Surveying, Sixth Edition    Jack McCormac, Wayne Sarasua and William J. Davis    9780470496619
10    2011 National Electrical Code Chapter-by-Chapter    David Herres    9780071774093
11    A Guide to Ship Repair Estimates in Man-Hours    Don Butler    9780080982625
12    A Guide to the Collision Avoidance Rules—International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, Seventh Edition    A. N. Cockcroft and J. N. F. Lameijer    9780080971704
13    Acoustical Imaging—Techniques and Applications for Engineers    Woon Siong Gan    9780470661604
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