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HR Orientation and Onboarding Strategies. Sample Employee Orientation Program.

Do you remember your first day on the job? How did your co-workers and boss treat you? The old saying, "You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression" is true in this case. Organizations experience the highest level of turnover during the first 90 days on the job. The purpose of onboarding is to swiftly assimilate the new person into the organization.
Keep in mind employees today have options. Those people right out of college have as many as two to four offers from other employers. During the onboarding process new employees decide what kind of organization they are working for and what type of people they are working with. This is a stressful time for your new people, so make the first critical days stand out as a positive experience. This is a great opportunity to make new hires feel proud to have chosen your organization.
Sample Employee Orientation Program
New Employee Orientation Programs
Here is a sample program you can use or modify for your organization.

    Appoint a person or have a concierge call before the new hire starts work.
    Have the new hire fill out forms on the company intranet if available.
    Send a greeting such as a card, welcome basket, or other ges ture.
    Have a HR rep call and answer questions about benefits, moving procedures, policies, etc.
    If applicable, have business cards ready.
    Have a company T-shirt or other logo item ready.
    Inform them of the parking policy.

    Give them a map of organization's locations and directions.
    Provide the new employee a reserved parking spot for the first week on the job.
    Have a group of key employees sit down with the new person to discuss what it is like to work there.
    Take a digital photo of the new person and create a flyer to hang on the wall detailing his or her hobbies, experience, and background information.
    Introduce the new hire to the CEO/president.
    Provide a copy of the organizational values, mission, and vision statement.
    Make sure the employee has a phone and Email directory of everyone in the organization.
    Assign an employee who enjoys working with people as a buddy to the new hire.
    Ensure the new hire's work area is properly equipped and stocked, ready for the first week of work.
    Take the new person out to lunch to meet the team.
    Hang a welcome sign.
    Take a team photograph.

    Samples of products
    Employee publications
    Schedule of group orientation sessions
    Organization chart
    Photographs of key leaders
    Computer and passwords
    Business cards
    Contact directory, including locations, and Email addresses
    Give them their job description.
    Design a development/training plan.
    Provide them a list of training opportunities.
    Give them the meeting schedule.
    Provide them or outline the mentoring program.



  1. HR is responsible for all kind of employee orientation programs, thank you so much for share this post I will forward this to my friends also.

  2. Good quality information on HR orientation. Orientation is the toughest job in any HR's career overall excellent info to be shared.

  3. It's a quite a useful information on employee orientation program for HR's,and some of them are quite a practical advices.

  4. Its a good list, other items that may help are:

    1. A checklist to follow
    2. AN organization chart
    3. policies and procedures
    4. e-learning program to cover important topics and check understanding
    5. introduction to key people in the organization
    6. a sign off sheet
    7. a follow up a week after to start to reinforce the learning as the first day or two can be overwhelming and not stick in people's memory.

  5. Hi,

    I do like the list but a good induction program is useless unless you have a good recruitment program in place. If you are not employing the right people in the first place it does not matter how well you induct them.

    Let me know if you would like any more detail about recruitment processes.

  6. It help us a lot to improve HR Management Program in our company.

    Thanks a lot


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