Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to troubleshoot your computer hardware problems.

Microsoft Operating System (Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc) supports thousands of hardware devices and accessories, including printers, modems, web cameras, network adapters, and many more. Your Windows OS uses software called a device driver to link and communicate your hardware with applications and operating system. Every hardware device you connect to your computer has its own device driver. Over time, the hardware manufacturer may update the device driver to improve its performance, to improve security, or to correct a problem. Without proper device driver, your hardware may not function properly or work below the optimal performance. Most of the time, you can connect and use your hardware without a problem. But, you might encounter a problem when installing a new piece of hardware, or upgrading to a new operating system, or other scenarios. So, if you are experiencing hardware problems, what can you do to solve them?

If you have a hardware problem, the problem could be caused either by the hardware or by the device driver. Troubleshooting hardware problems often starts by troubleshooting device drivers. Your device drivers can be easily upgraded to a newer version, rolled back to an older version, or reinstalled again. If you started experiencing hardware problems after updating a device driver, just roll back to your previous driver version. One of the important steps in resolving hardware problems is to reinstall the device driver. For lost or missing driver, you need the latest driver update from device manufacturer. If you can't find your manufacturer's web site nor find the latest device drivers, what should you do? Try Driver Access to get the latest version of device drivers from over 1.5 million drivers (Computer Drivers, Video Drivers, USB Drivers, etc) in their database and get your drivers updated automatically. When you download free Driver Access software, it allows you to scan your PC for missing drivers at no cost. Driver Access software identifies and lists your hardware and the associated drivers installed on your computer, and find the latest driver updates for you. When your missing drivers are found, you can pay for a small fee to install the drivers automatically and receive unlimited driver updates. This is not a bad option especially if you cannot locate the driver you need by yourself. Finally, if the device driver is not the cause of your problem, troubleshoot your hardware device.



  1. It's really informative post and would be helpful to solved out our hardware problem.

  2. Thanks dear, this is really helpful guidance as i was searched over here on the internet. Just reached here and found impressive here.


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