Thursday, September 10, 2009

Interview Preparation Checklist. Manager's Guide to Interviewing. How to Prepare for Interview.

Preparation for Interview — Checklist

Consider the following factors when preparing for an interview:
 Do you have all relevant information about the candidates, including:
o – application forms/CVs;
o – all other correspondence with the candidates;
o – medical report forms if obtained;
o – references if obtained;
o – results of any tests carried out;
o – personal files of any internal candidates;
o – other relevant information?
 Have you identified important issues to be discussed at the interview?
 Do you have the job description?
 Do you have the person specification?
 Have the candidates been told the date, time and venue of the interview?
 Have you taken account of their travelling or work constraints?
 Have reception and security staff been told who to expect and at what times?
 Have the other members of any interview panel been told of the time and place of the interviews?
 Have the other panel members all been given the above information about the job to be filled and the candidates?
 Have the panel members been fully briefed about their roles in the interview?
 Have arrangements been made to pay any travelling expenses?
 Do you have all necessary information about the salary and terms and conditions relating to the job in question?
 Have you decided on the information you require and prepared a list of relevant questions (see below)?
 Have you considered the questions that candidates are likely to ask and your responses to these?
 Has a suitable interview room been prepared?
 Have you arranged to divert telephone calls and avoid interruptions?
 Have waiting and cloakroom facilities been provided for the candidates?
 Have candidate assessment forms been prepared and made available to the panel members (see example below)?
 Has the decision-making process been agreed?
 Has the process for notifying candidates of the result of the interview been agreed?
 Have the candidates been told about the stages in the interview process?



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