Friday, September 11, 2009

Managing by Influence. Technology Professionals Guide to advance your career higher.

Managing by Influence

So many professionals experience a conflict between their desire to move up in the organization and their instinct to remain in their comfort zone. In effect they have created their own glass ceiling. Until these attitudes change, technology professionals will never succeed in becoming a part of the executive team. Many technology professionals don’t recognize this limitation and it’s holding them back. By no means should they turn their back on technology, but they must start thinking of technology in terms of how it supports the business.

This same advice applies to gaining adequate funding for your project initiatives. Technology professionals must learn not to sell all the bells and whistles of the newest technology, but rather to make a clear and compelling business case to senior executives on how technology will enable them to achieve their objectives. You’re more likely to get approval if you can provide them with real examples of how the investments they make
 Contribute to revenue
 Reduce costs
 Provide a competitive advantage, or
 Increase customer confidence

The bottom line is, technology is a means to an end, not the end in itself. As an executive, you must recognize the different levels of risk that each business line is willing to accept and assist them in making strategic decisions based on this information. By directing your approach along these lines, you’ll earn more credibility and find it easier to gain support and funding.
Finally and most importantly, if you’re already doing this, then your goal is to figure out how to make each member of your team understand this. Remember, if the goal is to make InfoSec a part of the overall corporate culture, you need as many agents of influence as you can get, so start by cultivating your staff.
You have to nurture and develop the thought leaders of the future. Remember, your success will be judged by the effectiveness of your team and its ability to add value, not on your individual contributions.



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