Monday, September 28, 2009

New Free Blog Hosting for personal use.

Many people enjoy blogging for various reasons. Some are for personal use, while others are for business use. Blogs give you a chance to reinforce your message in a positive way that is welcomed by your readers. Blogs help you define and shape the customer experience with information and feedback. Blogs can help you reach your communication goals. Through blogging, your company can build goodwill, attract new business, improve customer relations, AND enhance your brands. Many companies are already actively participating in the blogosphere, contributing a variety of blogs to the online community.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing blogging software. They range from a number of choices, such as hosted blogs solution from Blogger, and Livejournal (which include free blog hosting), and Wordpress (free download, installation and customization); choices with monthly fees, such as TypePad; and software for outright purchase such as Movable Type. Hosted blogs are incredibly simple to set up. There is no software to install or configure. There are no concerns as to whether your server supports the blogging software as it's run on the hosting company's servers and typically accessed via your browser. An aspiring blogger simply creates an account, picks a basic blog design, and starts blogging. The basic blog design, usually called a template, can also be personalized and customized later as desired.

I come across newcomer, which offers free blog hosting solution powered by Wordpress blogging software. I found problem on signing up for a free blog. The username and password failed to be sent to my email address. Unlike Blogger (free blog hosting), you can't make money using your own Adsense ID. The wordpress template choices are quite limited, although you can find your own templates elsewhere. After you create your blog, the rest is easy - change to new theme, install additional plugins, add new widget, create blogroll, and create good content. I think this free blog hosting is suitable for personal use, not for making money. You rather choose another free blog that pay you each time you post, and it is worth consideration.


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  1. Hi thanks for the share it was worth the read and also many thanks for sharing the free blog link. regards!


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