Wednesday, September 9, 2009

CPPCCTP of Prayer. How To Pray. Elements of our Pray to God.

When we pray to God, our prayers are typically consists of these elements (CCTP):

  • Confessing- confessing our sins to remove all hindrances of fellowship with Him.
  • Consecration- Presenting ourselves to the Lord afresh, giving him the full ground in us.
  • Thanksgiving- Giving thanks and praising God.
  • Petition- Praying for others or for personal needs or guidance.
When we pray, we should also exercise additional important practices (CPP):

  • Calling- Calling on the name of the Lord to help us set our mind on our spirit.
  • Praying- Opening our heart to the Lord, telling him what we want from Him.
  • Pray- Reading- Using our spirit to contact the Spirit in the Word by mingling our reading with prayer and personalizing the Word in our prayer.

In summary, both practices CPP-CCTP will strengthen our desire to worship and have intimate fellowship with Him. We can grow in Faith, Hope and Love in Christ Jesus for His Ultimate Glory.

May God bless all of you. Grace and peace from God will accompany you always.



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