Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Key Success Factors for Product Development and Management. The 6 Stages of A Product Life Cycle.

A product is an item or service that is offered to the consumer to satisfy
his or her needs and to realize organizational goals.

Product Life Cycle
Just like human beings, products have a life cycle, too. They are conceived
(i.e., via research and development), born (i.e., launched), grow,
mature, decline, and eventually, die. There are particular characteristics
of each stage and corresponding marketing implications. Astute marketers
manage the product life cycle to greatest advantage, elongating
the product’s life cycle and/or its generation of cash.

The 6 stages of a product life cycle: introduction, growth, maturity, saturation, decline, and abandonment.

Product Development and Management

What are the key determinants of success or failure?

1. Does the product offer a technological innovation that satisfies a need?
3M’s Thinsulate fabric was a breakthrough in apparel, given its
warmth yet ultra light weight.
2. Is it a better version of a preexisting product?
Coca-Cola’s introduction of New Coke was not perceived by the vast majority of
Coke drinkers as an improvement over the original version.
In fact, it is interesting that Coca-Cola actually gained market
share despite the poor showing of New Coke. Because of all of
the massive advertising that worked at the time by Coke and
Pepsi in the spirit of their arch rivalry, many of the smaller beverage
brands (e.g., Hire’s, Crush, Dr. Pepper) who could not
keep pace in ad spending, were eclipsed in the process. Therefore,
consumer attention was focused on Coke and Pepsi (both of
whom gained in market share that was forfeited by the other
3. Is it perceived as a good value?
Toyota is not nearly the precision
luxury automobile that the Rolls Royce is. But isn’t it a “better
deal,” pound for pound, dollar for dollar, in utility?
4. Does the product leverage the company’s strength(s)?
It made sense for Dunkin’ Donuts to introduce bagels to its product line, in light
of the company’s demonstrated strengths in baked goods and a
breakfast-oriented and snack-oriented customer base. Conversely,
Boston Market saw its profits shrink as a result of introducing
a line of less expensive sandwiches, which “cannibalized”
the sales of its chicken dinners.
5. Has demand vis-à-vis supply been accurately estimated?
What can be worse than not having your product in stock when customers
want to buy it? Perhaps having too much of your product in
stock with virtually no buyers in sight. Personally, in my own
experience as a consultant, this is a common scenario.
6. Is your organization sufficiently financed to support a product launch
and subsequent maintenance?

More capital and resources may be needed than originally calculated. It is wise to build a wellpadded “cushion” into your budget and to have at the ready contingency
plans in the event of unanticipated events or changes in the marketplace.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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Monday, September 20, 2010

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Real Estate Investment Competitive Analysis. Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Investing.

Competitive Analysis
You should include this only if there are other companies who will be in competition with yours. You want the reader to understand that other companies have generated profits in your marketplace because that shows that your activities will generate income, too. You also want to demonstrate that you will do even better than those competing firms. You have more expertise, better holdings, more vision, or something that will enable you to earn more money than the companies that are in competition with you. Here are questions to answer:
    Which companies are your major competition?
    What do they do, and what are their holdings?
    Do they appeal to the same consumers as you are trying to attract?
    How long have they been in business?
    What have their profits been?
    Are they becoming more profitable or less, and why?
    How do they differ from you in properties owned, sales or rental volume, number of employees, additional benefits (they improve larger properties than you do, for example, or are in the luxury segment), and other key factors.
    How will you compete with them? (Perhaps you will offer more luxurious properties, for example, or a more convenient commuting location for your tenants to enjoy. Perhaps you will charge lower rents than the competition.)
    Have you learned critical lessons by watching your competition that will allow you to avoid costly mistakes or generate profits more predictably?

Marketing Strategy
Include this section if the success of your enterprise depends largely on advertising or marketing to your target consumers. Answer these questions:
    Who are your target consumers?
    How will you reach them— through the Internet, radio ads, newspaper classified ads, or otherwise?
    How cost-effective is the cost of that advertising? You can reach one million consumers with a radio ad that will cost you $1,000, for example.
    What are your marketing priorities? To whom will you advertise first, for example?
    Are there applicable market studies that support your belief that you can generate profits by marketing to the group(s) you are targeting?
    What geographic areas will you cover as you advertise or market your properties?
    Do you have salespeople or rental agents? If not, do you intend to hire them?
    Will you retain real estate agencies or other parties as part of your efforts to sell or rent your properties? If so, what will those activities cost?
    What will you charge for your properties in rents or sales prices, and how do those figures compare to what the competition is asking?
    Will inflation allow you to generate more profits from rentals or sales in the years ahead? When can you begin to generate those increased profits?


Thursday, September 2, 2010

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