Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Create Comfortable and Stylish Bedroom

Bedroom is an important place where you can sleep, take rest, relax and unwind from your hectic schedules. There are many creative ways to decorate your bedroom to create more inviting, richer, relaxing atmosphere. Clean, Beautiful bedroom makes you feel relaxed and content. It makes you feel happy and boosts your mood. There are many creative design that gives more space, modern style, or warm atmosphere for you to live comfortably. Warm it up with earthy accents, tone it down with neutrals or throw more punch with a contrasting color.

More people are adding romantic elements to their bedrooms in their furniture, wall colors, fabrics and accessories too. When preparing your bedroom for a romantic rendezvous, liven it up with combination of colors, patterns and textures. Pick colors that make you happy and express your personality. You can add romance and sizzle to the space by using fiery colors which can arouse desire and excitement, and stimulate passion. Luxurious pillows, throws, duvets and other accessories can help create an atmosphere of romance.

Always try to match your bed sheets, pillows, blankets and quilts that adds interesting texture to a room. The texture of your bed linens is important. Avoid anything too rough or coarse on the skin, and stick to sheets with a higher thread count. Combine high thread count sheets with richly textured fabrics like silks, tapestries, linens and velvets for bedding. Stay away from heavy fabrics like flannel that can generate unnecessary heat. Soft and supple texture will make your room more inviting and romantic.

The key to a comfortable bed is a comfortable mattress. The right mattress will determine the quality of your sleep. Choose firm, strong, comfortable, fireproof, hypo-allergenic, extremely elastic and supportive mattress that offers support to your body and conform well to the contours of your body.

If you have baby, style your Baby bedding and linens to create warm and loving, fun and stimulating, soothing and secure atmosphere. When decorating your baby’s room, safety should be your top consideration, in addition to the style, size, quality and price. Get nursery furniture that fit your taste and style. Keep in mind that differences in details, style and construction will account for differences in price.



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