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Training, Learning and Development Books. Trainer's Handbook EBooks. Corporate Training & e-Learning Book. Business Training, Workplace Training EBook

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Human Resources Training and Development Books, Trainer's Handbook EBooks, Creative Training Techniques EBook, Strategic Technical Training Book.
Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change, Evaluating Training Programs, Implementing the Four Levels of Training.
Corporate Training and Education EBooks. Human Resources Training, learning and development books. Corporate Training & e-Learning Blog. Management Training, Business Training, Workplace Training. Training & Performance and Staffing. Human resources online course and training program. HR Training and Development. Training and Labor Relations Managers. Training, Development, and Education for Employees. Organizational Knowledge, Performance, Training, & Learning. Corporate Training Resources. Delivery Theory and Best Practices. Training and Professional Development. Training and Education for Human Resource. jobs, benefits, compensation, training. Resources for Training. employee motivation and motivational corporate training. Corporate Training & Development. Workforce Development. Job Training. HR Management Training & Certification Program.
World-Class Trainers, Engage, Motivate, and Train, New Employee Orientation Training, New Supervisor Training, People Strategies for Trainers.
E-Learning Training Programmes, Training Older Workers and Learners, Training Trilogy, Online Course Design.

Title Lists:

Book_Title Book_Authors Publication_Year ISBN_No
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90 World-Class Activities by 90 World-Class Trainers Elaine Biech (ed) 2007 9780787981983
Approaches to Training and Development—New Perspectives in Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change, Third Edition Dugan Laird, Sharon S. Naquin and Elwood F. Holton III 2003 0738206989
Beyond Transfer of Training—Engaging Systems to Improve Performance Mary L. Broad 2005 0787977489
Conquering the Content—A Step-by-Step Guide to Online Course Design Robin M. Smith 2008 9780787994426
Courageous Training—Bold Actions for Business Results Tim Mooney and Robert O. Brinkerhoff 2008 9781576755648
Developing Technical Training—A Structured Approach for Developing Classroom and Computer-Based Instructional Materials, Third Edition Ruth Colvin Clark 2008 9780787988463
Evaluating Training Programs—The Four Levels, Third Edition Donald L. Kirkpatrick and James D. Kirkpatrick 2006 1576753484
Evaluation Basics Donald V. McCain 2005 1562863738
Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Training, 4th Edition Kaye Thorne and David Mackey 2007 9780749450083
I’ll Take Learning for 500—Using Game Shows to Engage, Motivate, and Train Dan Yaman and Missy Covington 2006 9780787983062
Implementing the Four Levels—A Practical Guide for Effective Evaluation of Training Programs Donald L. Kirkpatrick and James D. Kirkpatrick 2007 9781576754542
New Employee Orientation Training Karen Lawson 2006 9780750663649
New Supervisor Training John E. Jones and Chris W. Chen 2006 9780750663663
People Strategies for Trainers—176 Tips and Techniques for Dealing with Difficult Classroom Situations Robert W. Lucas 2005 0814472613
Return on Learning—Training for High Performance at Accenture Donald Vanthournout et al. 2006 9781932841183
Strategic Training—Putting Employees First Daniel M. Wentland 2007 9780874259339
The Best of Creative Training Techniques, Third Edition Dave Zielinski (ed) 1996 9780943210711
The Group Trainer’s Handbook—Designing and Delivering Training for Groups, 3rd Edition David Leigh 2006 9780749447441
The Trainer's Handbook, 2nd Edition Karen Lawson 2006 9780787977498
The Training Trilogy—Conducting Needs Assessments, Designing Programs, Training Skills, Third Edition Dick Leatherman 2007 9780874259353
Trade Secrets of Using E-Learning in Training—How Best to Plan, Design and Implement E-Learning Training Programmes Tony Bray 2005 9781854183262
Trainer Basics George M. Piskurich 2003 1562863509
Training Older Workers and Learners—Maximizing the Workplace Performance of an Aging Workforce James L. Moseley and Joan Conway Dessinger 2007 9780787981174

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Human Resources Training, Learning and Development Center
Corporate Training and Education. Management Training, Business Training, Workplace Training. Training & Performance and Staffing. Trainer's Handbook.


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