Wednesday, November 26, 2008

People Skills Books, People Management EBooks,The Art of the Business Lunch Book.Soft Skills.Communication Skills. Interpersonal skills. Social skills

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PEOPLE SKILLS. Soft Skills.Communication Skills. Interpersonal Skills. Social Skills. Emotional Intelligence. Communication, Building Relationships, Influencing.communicate effectively, build relationships, establish rapport, influence and lead people, make friends, build trust.motivating, supervising and managing people.
Business Skills Program, Business Skills Development programs. MBA Skills Development. Business training in soft skills, Business Skills Development Training Courses. Teach the Soft Side of Business. Professional Skills Development. Business skills eLearning.
Business Skills Resources. Business Skills Training, Business Management Skills, Soft Skills Training. Soft Skills Development. Business Skills Library.
How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others, and Resolve Conflicts.Creating emotionally comfortable workplaces.People Skills Training and Consulting.

Title Lists:

Book_Title Book_Authors Publication_Year ISBN_No
========== =========== ================= ==========

151 Quick Ideas to Deal With Difficult People Carrie Mason-Draffen 2007 9781564149381
Essential People Skills For Project Managers Steven W. Flannes and Ginger Levin 2005 156726168X
How People Tick—A Guide to Difficult People and How to Handle Them Mike Leibling 2005 0749443626
Jerks at Work—How to Deal With People Problems and Problem People, Revised Edition Ken Lloyd 2006 1564148521
Managing People for the First Time—Gaining Commitment and Improving Performance Julie Lewthwaite 2006 9781854183323
Managing Power and People George J. Seperich and Russell W. McCalley 2006 9780765616036
People Skills for Project Managers Steven W. Flannes and Ginger Levin 2001 1567260926
The Art of the Business Lunch—Building Relationships between 12 and 2 Robin Jay 2006 1564148513
The Boss from Outer Space and Other Aliens at Work—A Down-to-Earth Guide for Getting Along with Just About Anyone Patricia J. Addesso 2007 9780814474433
The Everything Managing People Book—Quick and Easy Ways to Build, Motivate, and Nurture a First-Rate Team, Second Edition Gary McClain and Deborah S. Romaine 2007 9781598691436
The People Management Clinic—Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions Martin Richardson 2006 9781854183910

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Essential People Skills
Communication, Building Relationships, Influencing.communicate effectively, establish rapport, make friends, build trust.motivating, supervising and managing people.



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