Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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Structuring Corporate Power, Top Executive Roles, Rules, Politics, and Trust ,
Political Skills Books, Power and Influence EBooks, Executive Power EBook, Corporate Political Regimes Book, Manager as Politician.

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Political Skill at Work—Impact on Work Effectiveness Gerald R. Ferris, Sherry L. Davidson and Pamela L. Perrew√© 2005 0891062106
Power and Influence—The Rules Have Changed Robert L. Dilenschneider 2007 9780071489768
Sharing Executive Power—Roles and Relationships at the Top Jos√© Luis Alvarez and Silviya Svejenova 2005 0521841259
The Manager as Politician Jerry W. Gilley 2005 0275985903

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Power of Politics
Power and Influence, Executive Power, Corporate Political Power,Structuring Corporate Power, Top Executive Roles, Rules, Politics, and Trust ,


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