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Developing Knowledge and Value, Build Successful Client Relationships, High-Impact Questionnaires, Activities, and How-to Guides
Business Consulting, Management Consulting, Management Consultancy, High-Impact Consulting, High-Performance Consulting Skills, The Consultant’s Toolkit, Consulting Process, Consulting Mastery, Creative Consulting Expertise, SMB Consulting Best Practices, Value-Based Fees, Using Management Consultants & Advisers, IT Consultant,

Title Lists:

Book_Title Book_Authors Publication_Year ISBN_No
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Business Consulting—A Guide to How it Works and How to Make it Work Gilbert Toppin and Fiona Czerniawska 2005 9781861977021
Choosing & Using Consultants & Advisers—A Best Practice Guide to Making the Right Decision and Getting Good Value Harold Lewis 2004 0749446390
Consulting Mastery—How the Best Make the Biggest Difference Keith Merron 2005 1576753204
Core Concepts of Consulting for Accountants Nancy A. Bagranoff, Stephanie M. Bryant and James E. Hunton 2002 0471390860
Creative Consulting—Innovative Perspectives on Management Consulting Anthony F. Buono 2004 1593112408
Developing Knowledge and Value in Management Consulting Anthony F. Buono 2002 1931576033
Flawless Consulting—A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used Peter Block 1999 9780787948030
High-Impact Consulting—How Clients and Consultants Can Work Together to Achieve Extraordinary Results Robert H. Schaffer 2002 0787960497
High-Performance Consulting Skills—The Internal Consultant's Guide to Value-Added Performance Mark Thomas 2003 1854182935
Improving Reliability and Maintenance from Within—How to be an Effective Internal Consultant Stephen J. Thomas 2007 9780831133320
Management Consultancy—What Next? Fiona Czerniawska 2002 0333971124
Management Consulting in Practice Fiona Czerniawska and Paul May 2004 0749442816
SMB Consulting Best Practices Harry Brelsford 2003 1887542116
The Consultant’s Toolkit—High-Impact Questionnaires, Activities, and How-to Guides for Diagnosing and Solving Client Problems Mel Silberman 2001 0071362614
The Consulting Process in Action, Second Edition Gordon Lippitt and Ronald Lippitt 1986 088390201X
The International Guide to Management Consultancy—The Evolution, Practice and Structure of Management Consultancy Worldwide, Second Edition Barry Curnow and Jonathan Reuvid 2003 0749440791
The IT Consultant—A Commonsense Framework for Managing the Client Relationship Rick Freedman 2000 0787951730
The Manager's Pocket Guide to Using Consultants David Newman 2007 9780874259230
The Top Consultant—Developing Your Skills for Greater Effectiveness, 4th Edition Calvert Markham 2004 0749442530
The Trusted Firm–How Consulting Firms Build Successful Client Relationships Fiona Czerniawska 2007 9780470027172
The Value-Creating Consultant—How to Build and Sustain Lasting Client Relationships Ron A. Carucci and Toby J. Tetenbaum 2000 0814405029
Value-Based Fees—How to Charge—and Get—What You’re Worth—Powerful Techniques for the Successful Practitioner Alan Weiss 2002 0787955116

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Successful Consulting
Build Successful Client Relationships, High-Impact Consulting Questionnaires, Activities, and How-to Guides, The Consultant’s Toolkit,



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