Saturday, November 29, 2008

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Global Brand Integrity Management, Effective Brand Strategies, ProfitBrand, Retail Therapy, Retailization, The Essential Brand Book,

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Book_Title Book_Authors Publication_Year ISBN_No
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Brand from the Inside — Eight Essentials to Emotionally Connect Your Employees to Your Business Libby Sartain and Mark Schumann 2006 9780787981891
Brand Management 101—101 Lessons Learned From Real World Marketing Mainak Dhar 2007 9780470822296
Brand Royalty—How the World’s Top 100 Brands Thrive & Survive Matt Haig 2004 0749442573
Branded Entertainment—Product Placement & Brand Strategy in the Entertainment Business Jean-Marc Lehu 2007 9780749449407
Branded Male—Marketing to Men Mark Tungate 2008 9780749450113
Brands and Branding Rita Clifton 2003 9781861976642
From Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation—The Strategic Process of Growing and Strengthening Brands, Second Edition Leslie de Chernatony 2006 9780750667494
Global Brand Integrity Management—How to Protect Your Product in Today’s Competitive Environment Richard S. Post and Penelope N. Post 2008 9780071494441
How to Succeed at Retail—Effective Brand Strategies, Case Studies, and Practical Techniques Keith Lincoln and Lars Thomassen 2007 9780749450168
Killer Brands—Create and Market a Brand That Will Annihilate the Competition Frank Lane 2007 9781598691238
Life After The 30-Second Spot—Energize Your Brand with a Bold Mix of Alternatives to Traditional Advertising Joseph Jaffe 2005 0471718378
Living the Brand—How to Transform Every Member of Your Organization into a Brand Champion, 3rd Edition Nicholas Ind 2007 9780749450830
Predicting Market Success—New Ways to Measure Customer Loyalty and Engage Consumers with Your Brand Robert Passikoff 2006 9780470040225
ProfitBrand—How to Increase the Profitability, Accountability & Sustainability of Brands Nick Wreden 2005 0749444657
Retail Therapy—Making Strategic Relationships Work Rob Jones and Dan Murphy 2003 1403901716
Retailization—Brand Survival in the Age of Retailer Power Lars Thomassen, Keith Lincoln and Anthony Aconis 2006 9780749446895
The Essential Brand Book—Over 100 Techniques to Increase Brand Value, 2nd Edition Iain Ellwood 2002 0749438630
The New Strategic Brand Management—Creating and Sustaining Brand Equity Long Term Jean-Noël Kapferer 2008 9780749450854
Understanding Brands Peter Cheverton 2006 9780749446659

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Marketing & Brand Management, Brands and branding.
Brand Building and Branding Tips. Brand Strategy, Brand Vision, Brand Evaluation, Global Brand Integrity Management



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