Sunday, November 30, 2008

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Developing a Corporate University, Maximize Every Learner's Potential, Learning Maps, Memory Skills.
Learning and Development Books. Human Resource Development. Professional and Personal Development. Organisational Learning, training and development.
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Title Lists:

Book_Title Book_Authors Publication_Year ISBN_No
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25 Best Practices in Learning & Talent Development Nick van Dam 2007 9781430317401
675 Ways to Develop Yourself and Your People—Strategies, Ideas, and Activities for Self-Development and Learning in the Workplace Laurel Alexander 2007 9781599960531
Creating a Learning and Development Strategy—The HR Business Partner’s Guide to Developing People, Second Edition Andrew Mayo 2004 9781843980568
Developing and Implementing a Corporate University Jeffrey W. Grenzer 2006 9780874259261
Enriching the Brain—How to Maximize Every Learner's Potential Eric Jensen 2006 9780470223895
Learning Maps and Memory Skills, Revised Second Edition Inegmar Svantesson 2004 0749441283
The Corporate University Workbook—Launching the 21st Century Learning Organization Kevin Wheeler and Eileen Clegg 2005 9780787973391
The Next Generation of Corporate Universities—Innovative Approaches for Developing People and Expanding Organizational Capabilities Mark Allen (ed) 2007 9780787986551
The Online Learning Idea Book—95 Proven Ways to Enhance Technology-Based and Blended Learning Patti Shank (ed) 2007 9780787981686
The Value of Learning—How Organizations Capture Value and ROI and Translate Them into Support, Improvement, and Funds Patricia Pulliam Phillips and Jack J. Phillips 2007 9780787985325
Toyota Talent—Developing Your People the Toyota Way Jeffrey K. Liker and David P. Meier 2007 9780071477451
Transferring Learning to Behavior—Using the Four Levels to Improve Performance Donald L. Kirkpatrick and James D. Kirkpatrick 2005 1576753255
Understanding Action Learning Judy O'Neil and Victoria J. Marsick 2007 9780814473955

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HR Learning & Development Guide
Organisational Learning, training and development. Maximize Every Learner's Potential, Learning Maps, Memory Skills.



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