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Problem Solving Skills Books. Decision Making Skills EBooks. Good Expert Judgement EBook. Decision Management Book.Clinical Reasoning and Judgement.

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Decision Making Skills & Techniques.Strategic Decision Making.Improving Decision-Making Skills.problem-solving techniques, skills and methods. Critical Reasoning skills. Entrepreneurial Skills. Life Skills for Vocational Success. Clinical Reasoning and Judgement.
Problem Solving Techniques.Problem Solving Tools. Literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills.
Making Good Decisions on Tough Issues, Guide to Good Decisions, Consensus Through Conversation, Achieve High-Commitment Decisions.
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Robust Decisions, Developing Your Intuition, Game Theory, Power of Intuition, Winning Decisions, Great People Decisions, Thinking Manager’s Toolbox.
How People Make Decisions, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Planning and Innovation,
Problem Solving Strategies Books, Decision Making Skills EBooks, Good Expert Judgement EBook, Decision Management Book, Creative Solution Finding,

Title Lists:

Book_Title Book_Authors Publication_Year ISBN_No
========== =========== ================= ==========

30 Seconds That can Change Your Life—A Decision-Making Guide for Those Who Refuse to be Mediocre Roger Kaufman 2006 9780874259162
151 Quick Ideas for Delegating and Decision Making Robert E. Dittmer and Stephanie McFarland 2007 9781564149619
A Field Guide to Good Decisions—Values in Action Mark D. Bennett and Joan McIver Gibson 2006 9780275989378
Consensus Through Conversation—How to Achieve High-Commitment Decisions Larry Dressler 2006 9781576754191
Creative Solution Finding Gerald Nadler, Ph.D. and Shozo Hibino, Ph.D. 1999 0761517146
Decision Making—5 Steps to Better Results Harvard Business School Publishing 2006 1591397618
Decision Making & Problem Solving Strategies John Adair 2007 9780749449186
Decision Making for Improved Performance Ken E. Mack, Mary Ann Crawford and Mary C. Reed 2004 1567932215
Decision Making Using Game Theory—An Introduction for Managers Anthony Kelly 2003 9780521814621
Decision Management—How to Assure Better Decisions in Your Company J. Frank Yates 2003 0787956260
Developing Decision-Making Skills For Business Julian L. Simon 2000 9780765606761
Developing Your Intuition—A Guide to Reflective Practice Talula Cartwright 2004 1882197836
Eliciting and Analyzing Expert Judgment—A Practical Guide Mary A. Meyer and Jane M. Booker 2001 0898714745
Ensuring Fairness in Health Care Coverage—An Employer's Guide to Making Good Decisions on Tough Issues Matthew K. Wynia and Abraham P. Schwab 2007 0814473849
Great People Decisions—Why They Matter So Much, Why They Are So Hard, and How You Can Master Them Claudio Fernández-Aráoz 2007 9780470037263
Judgement In Managerial Decision Making, Sixth Edition Max H. Bazerman 2006 0471684309
Making Robust Decisions―Decision Management for Technical, Business, and Service Teams David G. Ullman 2006 9781425109561
Problem-Solving Team Publications 2002 1740093283
Sources of Power—How People Make Decisions Gary Klein 1998 0262611465
Sustaining Continuous Innovation Through Problem Solving Stephen Armstrong 2008 9780831132750
The Power of Intuition—How To Use Your Gut Feelings To Make Better Decisions At Work Gary Klein 2003 9780385502894
The Thinking Manager’s Toolbox—Effective Processes for problem Solving and Decision Making William J. Altier 1999 0195131967
Turning Numbers into Knowledge—Mastering the Art of Problem Solving, Second Edition Jonathan G. Koomey 2008 9780970601919
Why Not?—How to Use Everyday Ingenuity to Solve Problems Big and Small Barry Nalebuff and Ian Ayres 2006 9781422104347
Winning Decisions—Getting It Right The First Time J. Edward Russo and Paul J. H. Schoemaker 2002 9780385502252

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Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills & Techniques.
Developing Your Intuition, Game Theory, Power of Intuition, Clinical Reasoning and Judgement., Thinking Manager’s Toolbox.



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