Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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Health Management, Health Quality Management, Hospital CEO Performance, Health Care Executives Critical Competencies, Health Care Finance, Healthcare Supply Chain Performance
Healthcare Management, Medical Practices, Safe and Reliable Healthcare, Lean Healthcare Pocket Guide, Well-Managed Healthcare Organization, Healthcare Strategy, Healthcare Service Excellence,

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Book_Title Book_Authors Publication_Year ISBN_No
========== =========== ================= ==========

A3 Problem Solving for Healthcare—A Practical Method for Eliminating Waste Cindy Jimmerson 2007 9781563273582
Accounting Handbook for Medical Practices Rhonda W. Sides and Michael A. Roberts 2000 0471370096
Achieving Safe and Reliable Healthcare—Strategies and Solutions Michael Leonard, Allan Frankel, Terri Simmonds and Kathleen B. Vega 2004 1567932274
Achieving Service Excellence—Strategies for Healthcare Myron D. Fottler, Robert C. Ford and Cherrill P. Heaton 2004 1567931901
Applying Quality Management In Healthcare—A Systems Approach, Second Edition Diane L. Kelly 2007 9781567932607
Economics for Healthcare Managers Robert H. Lee 2000 1567931308
Evaluating the Performance of the Hospital CEO, Third Edition Peter A. Weil 2004 1567932142
Exceptional Leadership—16 Critical Competencies for Healthcare Executives Carson F. Dye and Andrew N. Garman 2006 9781567932522
Fundamentals of Health Care Financial Management—A Practical Guide to Fiscal Issues and Activities, Third Edition Steven Berger 2008 9780787997502
Going Lean—Busting Barriers to Patient Flow Amy C. Smith, Robert Barry and Clifford E. Brubaker 2008 9781567932812
Haimann’s Healthcare Management, Eighth Edition Rose T. Dunn 2007 156793255X
Healthcare Finance—An Introduction to Accounting and Financial Management, Third Edition Louis C. Gapenski 2004 1567932320
Healthcare Strategy—In Pursuit of Competitive Advantage Roice D. Luke, Stephen L. Walston and Patrick Michael Plummer 2004 1567932150
Human Resources in Healthcare—Managing for Success, Second Edition Bruce J. Fried, Myron D. Fottler and James A. Johnson 2005 1567932436
Optimize Your Healthcare Supply Chain Performance—A Strategic Approach Gerald R. Ledlow, Allison P. Corry and Mary A. Cwiek 2007 9781567939507
Raising Capital for Health Care Companies—Legal, Financial & Managerial Perspectives on Venture Capital and Other Funding Options Aspatore Books Staff 2005 9781596220744
Terrorism and Disaster Management—Preparing Healthcare Leaders for the New Reality K. Joanne McGlown 2004 1567932185
The Financial Management of Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations, Third Edition Michael Nowicki 2004 1567932266
The Lean Healthcare Pocket Guide—Tools for the Elimination of Waste in Hospitals, Clinics and Other Healthcare Facilities Debra Hadfield and Shelagh Holmes 2006 9780977072026
The Well-Managed Healthcare Organization, Sixth Edition John R. Griffith and Kenneth R. White 2007 9781567932584

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Healthcare Management, Safe and Reliable Medical Practices, Lean Healthcare Pocket Guide, Well-Managed Healthcare Organization,


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