Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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Extraversion—Introversion Dichotomy, Sensing—Intuition Dichotomy, Thinking—Feeling Dichotomy, Judging—Perceiving Dichotomy,
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Personality Traits Books, Personality Types EBooks, Habits and Behavior Change Book, Character Traits EBook, Success Traits,
Counterproductive Traits, Regenerating Character, Improve Team Performance.

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The Achievement Paradox—Test Your Personality & Choose Your Behavior for Success at Work Ronald A. Warren 2002 1577312287
Warriors, Workers, Whiners, & Weasels—Understanding and Using the Four Personality Types to Your Advantage Timothy O'Leary 2006 0975263862
Work it Out—Using Personality Type to Improve Team Performance, Revised Edition Sandra Krebs Hirsh and Jane A. G. Kise 2006 9780891062127

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Human Personality Types
Character Traits, Success Traits, Counterproductive Traits, Regenerating Character, Improve Team Performance



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