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How to Negotiate Deals, Resolve Disputes, and Make Decisions, Negotiating Tools, Negotiating Tactics, Negotiating Techniques, Winning Negotiation Strategies,

Title Lists:

Book_Title Book_Authors Publication_Year ISBN_No
========== =========== ================= ==========

Black Belt Negotiating—Become a Master Negotiator Using Powerful Lessons from the Martial Arts Michael Soon Lee and Sensei Grant Tabuchi 2007 9780814474617
Chess and the Art of Negotiation—Ancient Rules for Modern Combat Anatoly Karpov, Jean-Fran├žois Phelizon and Bachar Kouatly 2006 9780275990657
How to Become a Better Negotiator, Second Edition Richard A. Luecke and James G. Patterson 2008 9780814400470
How to Negotiate Anything with Anyone Anywhere Around the World, Third Edition Frank L. Acuff 2008 9780814480663
Leverage—How to Get It and How to Keep It in Any Negotiation Roger Volkema 2006 0814473261
Mastering Business Negotiation—A Working Guide to Making Deals and Resolving Conflict Roy J. Lewicki and Alexander Hiam 2006 9780787980993
Negotiate and Win—Proven Strategies from the NYPD’s Top Hostage Negotiator Dominick J. Misino and Jim DeFelice 2004 0071428038
Negotiate the Best Lease For Your Business, 2nd Edition Janet Portman and Fred S. Steingold 2005 1413302165
Negotiating Globally—How to Negotiate Deals, Resolve Disputes, and Make Decisions Across Cultural Boundaries, Second Edition Jeanne M. Brett 2007 9780787988364
Negotiating Skills Team Publications 2002 0874259142
Practical Negotiating—Tools, Tactics, & Techniques Tom Gosselin 2007 9780470134856
Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople—Inside Secrets From a Master Negotiator Roger Dawson 1999 9781564145000
Secrets of Power Negotiating—Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator, Second Edition Roger Dawson 2001 1564144984
Strategic Negotiation—A Breakthrough Process for Effective Business Negotiation Brian J. Dietmeyer and Rob Kaplan 2004 0793183049
The Everyday Negotiator—50 Practical Negotiation Tactics for Work and Life Michael R. Carrell and Christina Heavrin 2004 0874257980
The Handbook of Negotiation and Culture Michele J. Gelfand and Jeanne M. Brett 2004 0804745862
The Negotiation Fieldbook—Simple Strategies to Help You Negotiate Everything Grande Lum 2005 007144114X
The New Rules of International Negotiation—Building Relationships, Earning Trust, and Creating Influencing Around the World Catherine Lee 2007 9781564149732
The Savvy Negotiator—Building Win-Win Relationships William F. Morrison 2006 0275988007
The StreetSmart Negotiator—How to Outwit, Outmaneuver, and Outlast Your Opponents Harry Mills 2005 0814471986
The Upper Hand—Winning Strategies From World-Class Negotiators Michael Benoliel and Linda Cashdan 2006 9781593377359
Trump-Style Negotiation—Powerful Strategies and Tactics for Mastering Every Deal George H. Ross 2006 9780470045862

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Win-Win Negotiation. Negotiation Tactics. Negotiation Strategies. Negotiation Blunders. Negotiating Compensation. International Negotiation.



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