Friday, November 27, 2009

Stylish Interior Lighting to brighten your home

When decorating your home, stylish lighting can create more dramatic look, comfortable feeling, and makes subtle difference in how you feel about your home. Your selection of lighting fixtures, lighting techniques, layout design, to installation, requires careful planning. Your lighting fixtures and finishes must complement, rather than compete with plumbing accessories, tile, paint and wallpaper. When designing interior lighting, you need to combine fashion with function to make your lighting fixtures supply ample amounts of light. Generally, there are 3 basic types of lighting: General, Task and Accent lighting. Each has its own application in a room. Some rooms may only require general lighting, while other rooms may require all three types. For this reason each room needs to be planned independently when it comes to the lighting design.

General Lighting gives the basic ambient illumination level to your room. General Lighting allows you to express a range of moods throughout every room in your home. For areas you really need to see, such as in the kitchen and at your desk, you need to install task lighting to allow enough light to perform your tasks accurately, efficiently, and safely. Task Lighting provides supplemental illumination over tasks. Accent Lighting creates high contrast between space and objects of interest. For noticeable visual impact, accent lighting should be at least 3x as bright as a surrounding area. More dramatic accent lighting requires contrast ratios of 5:1 or greater.

Importantly, to save energy, use energy efficient compact fluorescents and LED lighting. Try installing a lighting control system that can automatically turn your lights off according to predetermined schedule. Paint your walls and ceilings with light colors to reflect as much light as possible.

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