Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Affordable, Enterprise-class Linux Backup Software

We know that 8% of computer hard drives are most likely to fail within two years of operation. Hard disk failure, accidental file deletions, and file corruption causes lost of important data necessary for your business operation. Therefore, you need reliable, fast, secure way to constantly backup data to variety of supported storage -local physical media (Tape Drive, Autoloader, DVD, CD, etc) or remote server (local FTP or secure FTP server, or to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device) or online backups service (Amazon S3). You need to be able to perform incremental, differential and full backup of the files, data, database, system or server and perform an entire server or individual file restore in just minutes, and not hours or days. Choose a comprehensive, reliable, fast, simple-to-use backup and recovery software solution that would enable the quick recovery of servers, helping you to get back to business, minimize the downtimeto meet strict Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), and cut costs.

If you need data protection, backup and recovery solution for your Linux servers or workstation, try BackupEDGE. This Linux Backup Software provides complete backup solution with automated nightly backups, notification, and full data verification. Key features include: Instant File Restore, Data Integrity Verification, Web-based Control Interface, RecoverEDGE, File-by-File Compression, 256-bit AES Encryption, Online Backups (S3/FTP/NAS), Flexible Scheduler. Bootloader, filesystems, configuration, data or entire system can be restored with the click of a button. You can restore your system very quickly With an easy-to-follow recovery path from CD, DVD, REV or even PXE network boot. What is unique feature of this software is Per-file compression: if something does happen to a backup, you only lose the file associated with the problem, not your whole backup. Enhanced data integrity validation and 256-bit data AES Encryption provide a high level of protection and security for your mission-critical Remote Linux Backup.

So, protect every single bit of your data with Affordable, Enterprise-class Online Backups Software.



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