Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sterling performance of Gold

Today, Gold price reached US$1,195 an ounce following 10 tonnes purchase of IMF gold by Sri Lanka's central bank. With inflation fears and weak US$, many central banks diversify their assets into precious metal - gold. Previously, India central bank bought 200 tonnes of gold between 19 and 30 October 2009 for US$6.7 billion and Mauritius central bank bought two tonnes of gold on 11 November 2009 for US$71.7 million. A weaker US$ makes gold cheaper for buyers using stronger currencies, which tends to boost gold demand and prices. At the same time, higher inflation fears have also pull the market higher because gold is widely regarded as a safe haven investment in times of economic uncertainty.

It is a wise to build your gold investment portfolio during rising performance of gold now. Gold investment offers security and protection during economic uncertainty. You can purchase gold bullion to protect you against the stock market fluctuation. Historically, when stock and bond markets have fallen, the price of gold and other precious metals has tended to increase.

You can build gold investment portfolio easily through the internet. GoldCoinsGain is an Aurum Advisors online resource for gold coin and gold bullion investment. They help you build gold and precious metals investment portfolio that suits your investment objectives, risk appetite, budget and other requirements. They provide expert guidance on whether to buy gold coin, buy bullion, or other precious metals.

Gold bullion coins are coins minted and guaranteed by various different governments. You can buy gold bullion coins like: Chinese Gold Panda, Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, American Buffalo, Australian Gold Nugget, Gold American Eagle, Gold South African Kruggerrand, Austrian Gold Philharmonic. Certified gold coins, as a general rule, are coins minted prior to 1933. You can choose from: $2.5 Liberty Quarter Eagle and $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle.
Apart from gold coins and bullion, you can choose other precious metals like silver and platinum : Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf, Silver Rounds, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, American Silver Eagle, American Platinum Eagle.

So start investing in gold with goldcoinsgain now.



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