Friday, November 13, 2009

Build the perfect arched window or doorway to your home.

In old times, arched doorways have been used to give building structures both strength and beauty. It helps strengthen weight bearing walls and door openings. Nowadays, modern home construction techniques have eliminated the need for an arch's strength, but the elegance and style of curving lines still bring the aesthetic appeal, character and charm to many homes. Remodeling or building new archways are a great way to add value to your home. Many home owners can increase their property value by adding some beautiful arches to many areas: Doorways, Hallways, Directly to the ceiling, Over bath tubs, Kitchen pass-thru, Wall niches, Flat Walls, Stairwells. Arches make your home stand out, help increase the house value on the market and give it a unique edge on the competition in housing market.

Traditional archway construction was a time-consuming process of using plywood to construct a frame, which required moderate carpentry skills. Conventional ways of cutting arches out of plywood are time consuming; and scribing and cutting a perfect arch are difficult too. Constructing arched doorways, hallways and entryways was once a challenging project that required moderate expertise and three to four days of labor; but these projects become easy, simple and painless installations using Creative Corners’ DIY Pre-Fabricated Arched Doorway Kits. If you would like to install beautiful archways at only a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods, Creative Corners is your choice. With Pre-Fabricated Arched Doorway Kits, you can transform square interior doorways into arched doorways without framing or drywall on just 4 easy steps. Creative Corners's drywall arch is perfect solution for contractors, drywall suppliers, manufactured home builders and do-it-yourselfer, and adds charm and character to any home. You can build your perfect arched window or doorway in just fifteen minutes.

Creative Corners's Pre-Fabricated arch corner inserts can be mounted in any width doorway, hallway or wall opening. They are lightweight with high structural integrity, durable, easy to install and quick to install. Arches are available in four different styles : Partial Arch, Full Arch, Eyeebrow Arch, or Step Arch. They are available with or without installation materials (drywall compound, mixing tray, drywall knife, fiberglass mesh drywall tape, drywall screws & sponge). Traditional Arches are usually require some significant renovation dollars. But using these affordable Pre-Fabricated kits, which are reasonably priced (starting at $54.95 per opening), you can bring more elegant and unique character to any standard doorway. Creative Corners Arched Doorway is suitable for average home owner, who want to create magnificent door and wall openings at a fraction of the time and cost required by conventional methods and make their home more livable or sellable.

So, create new door and wall arches throughout your home to add a unique element a charm and elegance to your home decor.

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  1. If I'm not mistaken, arch has been used in the old roman times. And I admit that it really adds beauty to houses especially if your door and windows are curved perfectly and creatively


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