Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to get your site prominently shown on the search engine.

More consumers have turned to the Internet search, to find what they are looking for - shopping, education, jobs, and many more. Most searchers are clicking organic search results, and some are selecting paid search listings. Your business cannot ignore these searchers without losing them to your competitors. By focusing on search engine marketing as part of your marketing strategy, you can raise your sales and revenues. To maximize your search marketing success, you can focus on just three search engines - google, yahoo, microsoft bing. However, search engines come in many flavors and colors, ranging from worldwide sites to single-country engines to specialized shopping searches. There are many search engine marketing consultants on the internet. I just stumble on one search engine marketing newbie - Globe Runner. Its poorly designed website ( limited content and poor user interface ) makes doubt on its true consulting capabilities.

How do you get your site prominently shown? What are your options? Here are some options:
? Organic search. Search engines find the most relevant match for the searcher’s query. You, the search marketer, optimize your pages, wait for the spiders to come (or pay to send your content), and see your pages in the organic listings. Google and Yahoo are the best-known organic search engines, but many local and shopping search engines also provide results based on query relevance.
? Directory listings. A directory lists the Web sites it deems most closely related to a subject in its subject category list. You submit your site to human editors to be shown under the right subject category. Yahoo! Directory is the oldest and best-known directory, with Open Directory the main challenger.
? Paid placement. Search engines show listings from whoever paid them the most money (regardless of how relevant they are). You bid against others to place your listing or advertisement at the top of the results. Yahoo Sponsored Search and Google AdWords are the two most popular programs. Most search engines shows paid placement listings as “Sponsor Listings.”

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