Monday, November 9, 2009

4 easy ways to help others in the workplace. Counseling in the Workplace.

Counseling in the Workplace

There are basically four types of strategy for helping others in the workplace:
 Giving advice: making suggestions about courses of action another person can, and possibly should, take, looking at the situation from your perspective.
 Direct action: taking action yourself to provide for someone else's needs—for example, stopping a fight.
 Counseling: helping someone explore a problem so that they can decide what to do about it.
 Teaching: helping someone acquire knowledge and skills you think they will need.

Counseling in the workplace can be used for:
 Participants in work-related courses who wish to do personal work on a related matter
 People who wish to talk over personal or work-related problems in complete confidence with someone
 People who are facing redundancy or career changes
 People who have suffered trauma

Counseling has a powerful, long-term impact on people and organizational effectiveness. It involves talking with a person in a way that helps that person solve a problem or helps create conditions that will cause the person to improve their behavior. It involves thinking, implementing, and knowing human nature, timing, sincerity, compassion, and kindness. It is much more than simply telling someone what to do about a problem.



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