Monday, August 24, 2009

Test your stock trading skills without risking any of your own money.

A large percentage of stock traders employ a top-down approach when making an investment in stocks. This involves three steps: Making a prediction about the future, discerning its effect on the investment, and Making the trade. But nobody can accurately predict interest rates, the future direction of the economy, or the stock market. Unpredictable stock market fluctuations are full of uncertainty. The ups and downs is beyond comprehension. The market is completely irrational and overreacts to just about everything. Also, market activity consists overwhelmingly of noise with a very small trend component. That's why; even seasoned investors can get burned with their stock investment. In today's highly competitive world of finance and investing, stock trader need to revisit their existing strategy and develop practical and profitable strategies for surviving and thriving on Wall Street. Try to learn from Warren Buffett, today’s best-known and greatest value investor. His main principle is to buy businesses that are selling below their underlying value. He sticks to quality companies and hold them for the long term. The big money is made by sitting not trading.

Use diversification on a small scale. You don’t need 30 to 40 different stocks; less than 10 is ideal and certainly no more than 20. Diversification is best applied in the small realm of businesses you understand thoroughly. You need to integrate fundamental, technical, and sentiment analysis into a real-world trading approach that enables you to best understand market performance. Never act on anything you don't thoroughly understand. You need to understand every step and every aspect of your research.

So, as trader, you need to acquire the knowledge on how the markets truly work, then test and retest your ideas and concepts until you feel confident. You need to give yourself the winner's edge by always continuing to actively pursue the learning process. You can accomplish this with Wall Street Survivor. By joining the Wall Street Survivor community, you'll be able to learn to trade with their In-depth Research Center; play on stock market simulation to test your trading skills with real time prices; collaborate with other 100,000 active traders to share and discuss your trading lessons and experience. It is like trading a real brokerage account without risking any of your own money.

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