Tuesday, August 25, 2009

27 Traits of Top Persuaders. Persuasiveness is a learned skill. Increase your persuasive abilities for greater success.

We have all seen great persuaders in action. We have been in the presence of persuasive experts who automatically attract everyone to them. Wherever they go, people are captivated and influenced by such individuals’ radiant energy and dynamic personality. People just naturally want to be persuaded by them.

Here are 27 Traits of Top Persuaders:
Informed Great communicator Determined
Educated Hardworking Accurate
Knowledgeable Punctual Humble
Honest Solution-oriented Admits mistakes
Organized Empathic Sincere
Cooperative Candid Creative
Adaptable Dependable Pleasant disposition
Good listener Friendly Great personality
Resilient Proactive Continuous learner

Anyone would love to possess all these talents or traits. The shocking news is most great persuaders don’t possess all these talents or traits. What consumers define as a great persuader, or what you think constitutes a great persuader, could be far from reality.

Why are the majority of individuals not persuasive? For most people, persuasiveness is not innate. It is a learned skill. Unfortunately, many of the major universities don’t teach persuasion, sales, or interpersonal relations, so it is hard to turn to formal education to help reinforce these most fundamental business necessities, even in a business program!

How can you be ready for success, life, and business without being trained in these basic skills? The ability to sell, market, close deals, communicate your ideas effectively, understand consumer behavior, give presentations, influence people, get clients, or raise money is the ticket to success. If you are good at persuasion you can write your own ticket.

If you can hone your persuasive abilities, your natural gifts and abilities will emerge and blossom even more because your persuasiveness will help get more people and more resources on your side. When this happens, your hard work won’t feel so hard anymore. Instead of killing yourself to make things happen, you’ll find that your work becomes fun.

So, discover the skills you need to become more persuasive, (2) begin to embody these skills so that they are a natural part of who you are, and (3) create massive success.



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