Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ten Ways to Grow Your Client List. Client Acquisition and Lead Generation.

Ten Ways to Grow Your Client List

It is easiest to start networking with people you already know. Here is a checklist of places to look for names to add to your list.
1. Old client files: Look through all your old client files to get the names of people you have worked with, even briefly, on a case or project.
2. Old prospect files: Do the same with old prospect files. That a person considered hiring you is strong evidence that he or she is a good contact.
3. Stacks of old business cards: You have been saving them all these years for a purpose. The time has come!
4. Phone directories from employers: Your current and former colleagues can be good referral sources.
5. School alumni directories: People you went to school with are often interested in meeting people and developing business contacts.
6. Colleagues: Other people who work for your firm can be great sources of referrals.
7. Affinity group directories: People you know from memberships in special-interest organizations can be good contacts, especially those in professional organizations.
8. Alliance partners: Put your contacts from these important organizations on your list.
9. Others serving your clients: Your clients' accountants, lawyers, investment bankers, and other professionals who serve them should be added to your list.
10. Friends and family: Some people aren't comfortable doing business with this group. If you are, add them to your list.



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