Thursday, August 27, 2009

3 Principles and 9 Actions for Life Success. Shine and Radiate Energy, Innovation, and Success.

The Secrets of Glowing - Shine and Radiate Energy, Innovation, and Success.

In this ever-changing world, you must stay ahead of the curve and be the first point of call when new opportunities arise.
You do this by Glowing—by radiating positive energy that fosters a great working experience for yourself, that excites and ignites others through your inspiration, and that reflects the innovation and enthusiasm that deliver superior value in your work.
The challenge is that sometimes the very actions you think will make you indispensable are exactly those that make you disposable. You forget that there is always someone, somewhere, who will do it faster, quicker, and cheaper.

When you Glow, you design your working life around three principles:

The First Principle: A Cooperative Mindset
You have a warm and positive attitude toward others and choose to work where cooperation flourishes. You have developed conversational and relationship skills and habits.

The Second Principle: Jumping Across Worlds
You have jumped across into other worlds and have learned to appreciate and learn from people who are very different from you.

The Third Principle: Igniting Latent Energy
You are able to ignite your own energy and the energy of those around you by discovering sources of ignition.

You live these principles on a daily basis through nine actions:
Action 1 You practice the daily habits of cooperation.
Action 2 You master the art of great conversation.
Action 3 You act on the “smell of the place.”
Action 4 You know how to increase the value of your network.
Action 5 You are skilled at escaping the boundaries that constrain you.
Action 6 You find and move to boundaryless places.
Action 7 You ask questions that spark energy.
Action 8 You create visions that compel.
Action 9 You craft meaningful and exciting work.



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