Saturday, August 29, 2009

Earn Money from Blogging. Balance your monetizing technique to maintain your reputation.

Many people like to blog for various reasons. From Personal bloggers who love writing interesting, useful and informative short posts for private purpose to Business bloggers who blog for money. Serious bloggers usually have the following characteristics:
  • Write in a natural, original, authentic blog posts that is interesting, useful, informative, educative, entertaining and engaging.
  • Dedicate to posting items at least a couple times a week. Frequently updated blog with fresh content draw loyal followers.
  • Regularly monitor comments and shape the blog into a engaging conversation with readers.
  • Focus the blog on a theme and an audience.

For those who wish to make money from blogging, there are many ways to monetize your blog as a revenue generating machine: from advertising, write reviews, joining affiliate programs to sell other's goods and services, accepting donation, to promote and sell your own products and services. You can endorse or earn money from the sales of complementary products which benefit your readers. To be effective, advertise relevant products or services to your blog theme. While you try to profit from your blog, some people may feel that making money from your blog cheapens the content if you don't do properly. So, balance your blog's theme and usefulness with appropriate monetizing techniques. Blogging for Money must be consistent with your blogging theme and mission such that it doesn't weaken your reputation and brand.

Building blog reputation takes time and effort. It takes at least 6 months to get average Google PageRank. So, if you are still new to blogging or want to learn How to Make Money Blogging, you can earn income right away with advertising revenue sharing sites ( from Google AdSense and/or Amazon affiliate ). With Yousaytoo, and you'll get 50/50 revenue sharing. You can add your blog to their site (or start new one there), create unique and quality content and add Google AdSense and/or Amazon affiliate IDs. After your blog is added, all new posts from it will be imported into your YouSayToo blog and your blog will be featured in YouSayToo's blogs list. In that way, you'll gain more revenues and readers.



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