Friday, August 28, 2009

Leadership Competencies and People Management skills. Attributes, Skills, Qualities and Competencies for successful Leadership and People Management.

Leadership and people management

Leadership competencies and people management skills are the Soft Skills that we can all learn to develop and improve throughout our working lives, given self-belief, time and commitment.

Here are the attributes, skills, qualities and competencies that are most often associated with successful leadership and people management, and these can be developed and enhanced. These include the following:
 self-awareness and self-discipline,
 competence and credibility,
 a mixture of several kinds of intelligence,
 great self-motivation and the capacity for hard work, combined with a good understanding of their physical and psychological limitations,
 exceptional two-way communication skills, combined with an ability to lead, direct and focus dialogues with others,
 the ability to engage with the minds and hearts of others and, as a result, a capacity to motivate and inspire their followers,
 the capacity to question 'common-sense' ways of doing things combined with the ability to make fast practical day-to-day decisions with incomplete information or knowledge,
 an ability to learn and unlearn quickly, while not discarding good leadership and people management practices that have stood the test of time,
 the ability to use power effectively, based on an understanding of the art of organizational politics,
 increasingly, a hybrid blend of what have been traditionally regarded as 'male' and 'female' leadership and people management styles,
 self-confidence and resolve in adverse or uncertain situations, with-out resorting to autocratic or domineering behaviour,
 the ability to think beyond the present and envision the future,
 the capacity to initiate, lead and manage the complex processes of perpetual organizational change, innovation and learning, without becoming reactive 'fad-surfers',
 an appreciation of the role that employee knowledge and intellectual capital now play as key drivers of organizational success and profitability,
 an understanding of both the potential and the limitations of new and emergent technologies in organizations, and an awareness of the profound impacts these will have on the management of organizations during the first two decades of the 21st century,
 high ethical standards, combined with a pragmatic understanding of doing business in the real world.



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