Monday, August 31, 2009

Natural, environment friendly Rugs to accent your home.

Rugs are a nice way to decorate the interior of any home. With variety of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and high quality materials, Rugs can really bring out the comfort, beauty, style and touch of luxury to any room. They look great on tile, stone or even wood flooring. While most homes are still furnished in synthetic, mass-produced materials, you can make difference with natural, environment friendly materials. Variety of natural materials you can choose from: Sisal, Wool, Seagrass, Coir, Jute, Sisool. Natural Rugs are simply produced without the use of toxic chemicals or materials, and perfect for families that are prone to allergies. They are biodegradable, andt breaks down into the soil and creates additional vitamins and minerals, thus help save the environment. Natural rug can trap in air contaminants to purify the air too. The durable and rigid material of natural rugs makes them naturally fire-resistant. Natural Rugs are often used for their durability and low-maintenance, as well as their comforting appearance. In addition, Natural Rugs tend to deaden sound, which makes for quiet footsteps throughout the house.

When buying high quality Natural Rug, try Natural Rug Company. They offer wide range of high quality designer and custom made natural rugs and runners. All rugs are created from finest quality natural materials and meticulously hand woven by professional craftsmen. You can choose from sisal rugs, wool rugs, seagrass rugs, coir rugs, jute rugs, and many more. You can also design your own rug using the Rug Builder. Their Natural Rug offer comfort, warmth and elegance that enrich any room.

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