Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Greatest Show on Earth for your family entertainment.

All parents should bring their children for circus show during their family entertainment outing, because children love the laughter, the excitement, and the amazement of the show. On circus show, human and animal performers join forces with human to bring spectacular and amazing stunts that bring laughter and excitement. Dubbed as the “Greatest Show on Earth,” the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus has become a must-see attraction for fans of all ages. The Ringling Brothers Circus has been around for more then 100 years and has been wowing adults and children with their death defying acts. Get entertained with the best clowns and the coolest acrobatics along with elephants, big cats and beautiful horses. Watch funny chimpanzees, flying dogs, clever Asian elephants, tame Royal Bengal and white tigers perform alongside humans that fascinate all audiences. Also, be amazed with Chinese acrobats on trapezes, motorcycles defying gravity, various performing pachyderms, high-flying aerialists, and the great Wheel of Steel. The nice thing is there is free pre-show where the audience can go learn circus tricks and meet the performers. So, come see the Ringling Bros Barnum & Baily Circus, the Great Show on Earth.

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