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No Book Title Authors Publication Year ISBN No
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1 Private Wealth—Wealth Management in Practice Stephen M. Horan 2009 9780470381137
2 Implementing Beyond Budgeting—Unlocking the Performance Potential Bjarte Bogsnes 2009 9780470405161
3 Budgeting Basics and Beyond, Third Edition Jae K. Shim and Joel G. Siegel 2009 9780470389683
4 Convergence Guidebook for Corporate Financial Reporting Bruce Pounder 2009 9780470285879
5 International Financial Statement Analysis Workbook Thomas R. Robinson, Hennie van Greuning, Elaine Henry and Michael A Broihahn 2009 9780470287675
6 Reading Financial Reports For Dummies, 2nd Edition Lita Epstein 2009 9780470376287
7 Business Ratios and Formulas—A Comprehensive Guide, Second Edition Steven M. Bragg 2007 9780470055175
8 International Financial Statement Analysis Thomas R. Robinson, Hennie van Greuning, Elaine Henry and Michael A Broihahn 2009 9780470287668
9 Strategic Cost Reduction—Leading Your Hospital to Success Michael E. Rindler 2007 9781567932676
10 The Effective Measurement and Management of ICT Costs and Benefits, Third Edition Dan Remenyi, Arthur Money and Frank Bannister 2007 9780750683289
11 2008 Field Guide to Financial Planning Donald F. Cady 2008 9780872189447
12 Finance for Non-Financial Managers and Small Business Owners, 2nd Edition Lawrence W. Tuller 2008 9781598691641
13 Financial Darwinism—Create Value or Self-Destruct in a World of Risk Leo M. Tilman 2009 9780470385463
14 Harriman's Money Miscellany—A Collection of Financial Facts and Corporate Curiosities Stephen Eckett 2008 9781905641956
15 Deena Katz's Complete Guide to Practice Management—Tips, Tools, and Templates for the Financial Adviser Deena B. Katz 2009 9781576603086
16 Money Mark F. Dobeck and Euel Elliott 2007 9780313338526
17 Numbers Guide—The Essentials of Business Numeracy, Fifth Edition The Economist 2003 9781861975157
18 The Complete CFO Handbook—From Accounting to Accountability Frank J. Fabozzi, Pamela Peterson Drake and Ralph S. Polimeni 2008 9780470099261
19 The Vest Pocket CFO, 3rd Edition Jae K. Shim and Joel G. Siegel 2008 9780470168127
20 The Vest Pocket CPA, Fourth Edition Joel G. Siegel, Nick Dauber and Jae K. Shim 2008 9780470168134
21 Venture Capital Funding—A Practical Guide To Raising Finance, 2nd edition Stephen Bloomfield 2008 9780749452308
22 A Fast Track to Structured Finance Modeling, Monitoring, and Valuation—Jump Start VBA William Preinitz 2009 9780470398128
23 Cash Return on Capital Invested—Ten Years of Investment Analysis with the CROCI Economic Profit Model Pascal Costantini 2006 9780750668545
24 Future Savvy—Identifying Trends to Make Better Decisions, Manage Uncertainty, and Profit from Change Adam Gordon 2008 9780814409121
25 Modeling Structured Finance Cash Flows with Microsoft Excel—A Step-by-Step Guide Keith A. Allman 2007 9780470042908
26 Pro Excel Financial Modeling—Building Models for Technology Startups Tom Y. Sawyer 2009 9781430218982
27 Reverse Engineering Deals on Wall Street with Microsoft Excel—A Step-by-Step Guide Keith A. Allman 2009 9780470242056
28 The Handbook of Portfolio Mathematics—Formulas for Optimal Allocation & Leverage Ralph Vince 2007 9780471757689
29 Earnings Magic and the Unbalance Sheet—The Search for Financial Reality Gary Giroux 2006 9780471768555
30 Expert Fraud Investigation—A Step-by-Step Guide Tracy L. Coenen 2009 9780470387962
31 Principles of Fraud Examination, Second Edition Joseph T. Wells 2008 9780470128831
32 Frontiers in Quantitative Finance—Volatility and Credit Risk Modeling Rama Cont 2009 9780470292921
33 Market Risk Analysis—Quantitative Methods in Finance, Volume I Carol Alexander 2008 9780470998007
34 Market Risk Analysis—Practical Financial Econometrics, Volume II Carol Alexander 2008 9780470998014
35 Market Risk Management for Hedge Funds—Foundations of the Style and Implicit Value-at-Risk Fran├žois Duc and Yann Schorderet 2008 9780470722992
36 Operational Risk Toward Basel III—Best Practices and Issues in Modeling, Management, and Regulation Greg N. Gregoriou 2009 9780470390146
37 Risk Arbitrage Guy Wyser-Pratte 2009 9780470415719
38 Risk Management for Central Banks and Other Public Investors Ulrich Bindseil, Fernando Gonzalez and Evangelos Tabakis (eds) 2009 9780521518567
39 The New Financial Order—Risk in the 21st Century Robert J. Shiller 2003 9780691120119
40 PricewaterhouseCoopers 2008 Guide to Tax and Financial Planning—Including Analysis of the 2007 Tax Law Changes PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP 2007 9780470139707

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