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No Book Title Authors Publication Year ISBN No
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1 Selling the Intangible Company—How to Negotiate and Capture the Value of a Growth Firm Thomas V. Metz, Jr. 2009 9780470261378
2 Competing Values Leadership—Creating Value in Organizations Kim S. Cameron, Robert E. Quinn, Jeff DeGraff and Anjan V. Thakor 2006 9781845427351
3 Reporting Nonfinancials Kaevan Gazdar 2007 9780470011973
4 The Private Equity Edge—How Private Equity Players and the World’s Top Companies Build Value and Wealth Arthur B. Laffer, William J. Hass and Shepherd G. Pryor, IV 2009 9780071590785
5 Corporate Governance— A Practical Guide to the Legal Frameworks and International Codes of Practice Alan Calder 2008 9780749448172
6 Getting Started with Policy Governance—Bringing Purpose, Integrity, and Efficiency to Your Board Caroline Oliver 2009 9780787987138
7 Administrative Assistant’s and Secretary’s Handbook, Third Edition James Stroman, Kevin Wilson and Jennifer Wauson 2008 9780814409138
8 101 Boardroom Problems and How to Solve Them Eli Mina 2009 9780814410585
9 The Accountable Corporation—Corporate Governance, Volume 1 Marc J. Epstein and Kirk O. Hanson (eds) 2005 9780275984922
10 The Accountable Corporation—Business Ethics, Volume 2 Marc J. Epstein and Kirk O. Hanson (eds) 2006 9780275984939
11 The Accountable Corporation—Corporate Social Responsibility, Volume 3 Marc J. Epstein and Kirk O. Hanson (eds) 2006 9780275984946
12 The Accountable Corporation—Business-Government Relations, Volume 4 Marc J. Epstein and Kirk O. Hanson (eds) 2006 9780275984953
13 Jump Start Your Business Brain — The Scientific Way To Make More Money Doug Hall 2001 9781578601790
14 Business Process Management—Practical Guidelines to Successful Implementations, Second Edition John Jeston and Johan Nelis 2008 9780750686563
15 From Products to Services—Insight and Experience from Companies which have Embraced the Service Economy Laurie Young 2008 9780470026687
16 Doing Business with India, Third Edition Roderick Millar (ed) 2008 9781846731136
17 India Arriving—How This Economic Powerhouse Is Redefining Global Business Rafiq Dossani 2008 9780814474242
18 India Rising—Emergence of a New World Power Tarun Das, Colette Mathur and Frank-J├╝rgen Richter 2005 9789812611963
19 China's Financial Transition at a Crossroads Charles W Calomiris (ed) 2007 9780231141925
20 The Handbook of International Trade—A Guide to the Principles and Practice of Export, Second Edition Jim Sherlock and Jonathan Reuvid (eds) 2008 9781846730351
21 Perfect Phrases for Lead Generation—Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Finding New Customers, Keeping Your Pipeline Full, and Growing Your Sales William Brooks 2008 9780071495899
22 The Real Estate Investor's Guide to Financing—Insider Advice for Making the Most Money on Every Deal David Reed 2008 9780814480618
23 When Insurers Go Bust—An Economic Analysis of the Role and Design of Prudential Regulation Guillaume Plantin and Jean-Charles Rochet 2007 9780691129358
24 Tools & Techniques of Life Insurance Planning, 4th Edition Stephan R. Leimberg and Robert J. Doyle, Jr 2007 9780872189331
25 Vulture Culture—Dirty Deals, Unpaid Claims, and the Coming Collapse of the Insurance Industry Eric D. Gerst 2008 9780814400265
97 Mergers And Acquisitions — A Step-By-Step Legal And Practical Guide Edwin L. Miller Jr. 2008 9780470222744

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