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Communications Engineering Books. Controls Engineering Books. Earthquake Engineering EBooks. Electronic Engineering EBook. Environmental Engineering

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No Book Title Authors Publication Year ISBN No
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1 Bistatic Radar, 2nd Edition Nicholas J. Willis 2005 9781891121456
2 Cognitive Radio Networks Yang Xiao and Fei Hu (eds) 2009 9781420064209
3 Cognitive Radio, Software Defined Radio, and Adaptive Wireless Systems Hüseyin Arslan 2007 9781402055416
4 Global Mobile Satellite Communications—For Maritime, Land and Aeronautical Applications Stojce D. Ilcev 2005 9781402077678
5 MIMO Radar Signal Processing Jian Li and Petre Stoica 2009 9780470178980
6 Principles of Spread-Spectrum Communication Systems Don Torrieri 2005 9780387227825
7 Processing of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Henri Maitre (ed) 2008 9781848210240
8 Radar Cross Section Measurements Eugene F. Knott 2006 9781891121555
9 RF Circuit Design Richard C. Li 2009 9780470167588
10 RF Measurements for Cellular Phones and Wireless Data Systems Allen W. Scott and Rex Frobenius 2008 9780470129487
11 Ultrasonic and Advanced Methods for Nondestructive Testing and Material Characterization C. H. Chen (ed) 2007 9789812704092
12 Global Positioning System—Theory and Applications, Volume I Bradford W. Parkinson (ed) et al. 1996 9781563471063
13 Global Positioning System—Theory and Applications, Volume II Bradford W. Parkinson (ed) et al. 1996 9781563471070
14 Hard Disk Drive Servo Systems, 2nd Edition Ben M. Chen, Tong H. Lee, Kemao Peng and Venkatakrishnan Venkataramanan 2006 9781846283048
15 LabVIEW Based Advanced Instrumentation Systems S. Sumathi and P. Surekha 2007 9783540485001
16 Smart MEMS and Sensor Systems Elena Gaura and Robert Newman 2006 9781860944932
17 Fundamentals of Earthquake Engineering Amr Elnashai and Luigi Di Sarno 2008 9780470024836
18 Circuit Analysis I—With MATLAB Computing and Simulink/SimPowerSystems Modeling Steven T. Karris 2009 9781934404171
19 CMOS Current-Mode Circuits for Data Communications Fei Yuan 2007 9780387297583
20 Fundamentals of Microelectronics Behzad Razavi 2008 9780471478461
21 Handbook of Algorithms for Physical Design Automation Charles J. Alpert, Dinesh P. Mehta and Sachin S. Sapatnekar (eds) 2009 9780849372421
22 Integrated Circuit Packaging, Assembly and Interconnections William J. Greig 2007 9780387281537
23 Kalman Filtering—Theory and Practice Using MATLAB, Third Edition Mohinder S. Grewal and Angus P. Andrews 2008 9780470173664
24 Low Power Methodology Manual—For System-on-Chip Design Michael Keating et al. 2007 9780387718187
25 Multirate Filtering for Digital Signal Processing—MATLAB Applications Ljiljana Milic (ed) 2009 9781605661780
26 Nano-CMOS Design for Manufacturability—Robust Circuit and Physical Design for Sub-65 nm Technology Nodes Ban P. Wong et al. 2009 9780470112809
27 SystemVerilog for Design—A Guide to Using SystemVerilog for Hardware Design and Modeling, Second Edition Stuart Sutherland, Simon Davidmann and Peter Flake 2006 9780387333991
28 Billion Dollar Green—Profit from the Eco Revolution Tobin Smith and Jim Woods 2009 9780470343777
29 Green Jobs—A Guide to Eco-Friendly Employment A. Bronwyn Llewellyn, James P. Hendrix and K. C. Golden 2008 9781598698725
30 The Green Business Guide—A One Stop Resource for Businesses of All Shapes and Sizes to Implement Eco-Friendly Policies, Programs, and Practices Glenn Bachman 2009 9781601630483
31 Principles of Fire Risk Assessment in Buildings David Yung 2008 9780470854020

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