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No Book Title Authors Publication Year ISBN No
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1 Courage Goes To Work—How to Build Backbones, Boost Performance, and Get Results Bill Treasurer 2008 9781576755013
2 Emotional Capitalists—The New Leaders—Essential Strategies for Building Your Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Success Martyn Newman 2007 9780470694213
3 Find Your Courage—12 Acts for Becoming Fearless at Work and in Life Margie Warrell 2009 9780071605373
4 The EQ Edge—Emotional Intelligence and Your Success Steven J. Stein and Howard E. Book 2006 9780470838365
5 The EQ Interview—Finding Employees with High Emotional Intelligence Adele B. Lynn 2008 9780814409411
6 10 Steps to Successful Coaching Sophie Oberstein 2009 9781562865443
7 Coaching and Mentoring—Practical Conversations to Improve Learning, 2nd Edition Eric Parsloe and Melville Leedham 2009 9780749443658
8 Coaching At Work—Powering Your Team With Awareness, Responsibility And Trust Matt Somers 2007 9780470017111
9 Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions—A Tactical Playbook for Managers and Executives Keith Rosen 2008 9780470142516
10 Diversity in Coaching—Working with Gender, Culture, Race and Age Jonathan Passmore (ed) 2009 9780749450793
11 Facilitative Coaching — A Toolkit for Expanding Your Repertoire and Achieving Lasting Results Dale Schwarz and Anne Davidson 2009 9780470192436
12 Psychometrics in Coaching—Using Psychological and Psychometric Tools for Development Jonathan Passmore (ed) 2008 9780749450809
13 Coaching in Organizations—Best Coaching Practices From The Ken Blanchard Companies Madeleine Homan and Linda J. Miller 2008 9780470125175
14 Beyond the Babble—Leadership Communication That Drives Results Bob Matha and Macy Boehm 2008 9780470200483
15 The 4Cs of Truth in Communications—How to Identify, Discuss, Evaluate and Present Stand-Out, Effective Communication Isabelle Albanese 2007 9780978660222
16 The Secret Language of Business—How to Read Anyone in 3 Seconds or Less Kevin Hogan 2008 9780470222898
17 How to Tell Anyone Anything—Breakthrough Techniques for Handling Difficult Conversations at Work Richard S. Gallagher 2009 9780814410158
18 How to Manage Conflict in the Organization, Second Edition Gregg Lee Carter and Joseph F. Byrnes 2006 9780761214267
19 Positive Conflict—Transform Opposition Into Innovation Darby Checketts 2007 9781564149596
20 The Idea Accelerator—How to Solve Problems Faster Using Speed Thinking Ken Hudson 2008 9781741764857
21 Thinking on Purpose for Project Managers—Outsmarting Evolution, Second Edition Bill Richardson 2009 9781554890255
22 Innovation Leaders—How Senior Executives Stimulate, Steer and Sustain Innovation Jean-Philippe Deschamps and Jean-Philippe Deschamps 2008 9780470515242
23 Innovation—A Blueprint For Transforming the Way Your Company Innovates to the Core Peter Skarzynski and Rowan Gibson 2008 9781422102510
24 Think Better — (Your Company’s Future Depends On It . . . and So Does Yours) Tim Hurson 2008 9780071494939
25 Making Difficult Decisions—How to be Decisive and Get the Business Done Peter Shaw 2008 9781841127422
26 Dominators, Cynics, and Wallflowers—Practical Strategies for Moderating Meaningful Focus Groups Robert W. Kahle 2007 9780978660215
27 Innovation for Underdogs—How to Make the Leap From What If to Now What David Pensak and Elizabeth Licorish 2008 9781601630353
28 Jump Start Your Brain v2.0—How Everyone at Every Age Can Be Smarter and More Creative Doug Hall and David Wecker 2008 9781578602841
29 Leadership for Innovation—How to Organize Team Creativity and Harvest Ideas John Adair 2007 9780749454791
30 Unleashing Innovation—How Whirlpool Transformed an Industry Nancy Tennant Snyder and Deborah L. Duarte 2008 9780470192405
31 Creativity Unlimited—Thinking Inside The Box For Business Innovation Micael DahlĂ©n 2008 9780470770849
32 Make Create Innovate — A Quest For Innovation At Work Greg Kinnaird 2006 9789812612748
33 The Innovator’s Toolkit—50+ Techniques for Predictable and Sustainable Organic Growth David Silverstein, Philip Samuel and Neil DeCarlo 2009 9780470345351
34 The Innovator's Guide to Growth—Putting Disruptive Innovation to Work Scott D. Anthony, Mark W. Johnson, Joseph V. Sinfield and Elizabeth J. Altman 2008 9781591398462
35 The Leader's Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills—Unlocking the Creativity and Innovation in You and Your Team, Second Edition Paul Sloane 2006 9780749447977
36 10 Steps to Successful Meetings The American Society for Training & Development 2009 9781562865474
37 Negotiation Skills Training Lisa J. Downs 2008 9781562865368
38 Six–Figure Salary Negotiation—Industry Insiders Show You How To Get The Money You Deserve Michael Zwell 2008 9781598694949
39 Winning Either Way—Successfully Negotiate Just About Any Situation in Life, First Edition Peter R. Garber 2009 9781895186604
40 Soft Power Skills, Women And Negotiations Ida Greene 2004 9781418445560
41 151 Quick Ideas to Improve Your People Skills Bob Dittmer and Stephanie McFarland 2009 9781601630377
42 How to Manage People Michael Armstrong 2008 9780749452414
43 Working with Difficult People, Second Edition Michael S. Dobson, William Lundin and Kathleen Lundin 2009 9780814401682
44 The Power Presenter—Technique, Style, and Strategy from America’s Top Speaking Coach Jerry Weissman 2009 9780470376485
45 Technical Writing with Style, Fourth Edition Kenneth Lachnicht 2008
46 Tendering and Negotiating for MoD Contracts Tim R. Boyce 2003 9781854182760
47 Writing Exceptional Policies and Procedures Stephen B. Page 2009 9781929065035
48 Go Team!—Take Your Team to the Next Level Ken Blanchard, Alan Randolph and Peter Grazier 2007 9781576754474
49 Tips for Virtual Team Management—Using the DiSC Behavioural Profile to Better Manage Distributed Teams, First Edition Claire Sookman and Susan Garms 2009 9781895186307
50 Where in the World is My Team? Making A Success Of Your Virtual Global Workplace Terence Brake 2008 9780470714294
51 Achieving Objectives Through Time Management, Fifth Edition Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) 2007 9780080464152
52 Successful Time Management for Dummies Dirk Zeller 2009 9780470290347
53 Time Management Training Lisa J. Downs 2008 9781562865177
54 Trust Me—Four Steps to Authenticity and Charisma Nick Morgan 2009 9780470404355

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