Thursday, May 14, 2009

Solve your Bad Credit Problem

Are you struggling with your bad credit or less than perfect credit rating? were you late with your credit card payment and accumulating more outstanding payments, thus lowering their credit rating? During recent economic downturn, getting a new credit is more difficult as banks and financial lenders are getting more careful with their lending assessment and approval process. Banks are unwilling to take risk on someone with bad credit. Therefore, debtors with bad credit rating find harder to get new loans or consolidate their debts.

By simply getting new credit card alone will not help you restore your credit rating. To repair your credit rating properly, usually you need to establish at least 3 or more credit lines and re-build good credit history ( ie: pay full balance on time every month, avoid paying financial charges/penalties, use your card sparingly by maintaining a balance that takes up < 30% of your credit limit). Making on-time payments with all of your creditors and maintaining your account balances below the credit limits is the key to changing your financial future.

Here is the good news: If you have less than perfect credit rating and looking to rebuild better credit rating and profile, you can shop around on Creditcardlowdown. They offer specialized cards to people with bad credit. The downside is you have to pay higher interest rate and get low credit limits due to your bad credit rating. When using this specialized Credit Cards Bad Credit, your goal should be to focus on repairing your credit rating so that you can move on to another card with more flexibility. Always try to exercise great discipline and patient when you try to rebuild your credit rating.

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