Monday, May 25, 2009

INNOVATION CHALLENGES AND LEADERSHIP IMPERATIVES. How to create the fresh new insights. How to challenge our core beliefs.

Innovation challenge: How do I (we) create the fresh new insights that lead to game-changing innovations?

Leadership Imperatives
 Use the four perceptual lenses to expand your thinking in four new dimensions: challenging orthodoxies, harnessing discontinuities, leveraging competencies and strategic assets, and understanding unarticulated needs.
 Make these four lenses the foundation of your company’s proprietary point of view on the future.
 Engage a broad cross section of your organization in generating these insights and in validating them.

Innovation challenge: How do I (we) know if we are pushing our thinking—challenging our core beliefs?

Leadership Imperatives
 Analyze your company’s market and competitive situation differently from the way you have done it in the past. Try to get different answers by asking different questions—using the four lenses of orthodoxies, discontinuities, competencies/assets, and customer insights.
 Systematically challenge the way business is done in your company and your industry. You may decide to preserve some of your existing practices, but you should do so knowingly and deliberately, rather than blindly on precedent.
 Include “outsiders” in your innovation process who can bring a fresh view to the table—one that is unbiased by industry conventions.
 Challenge yourself and others to create the richest set of focused discovery insights; have you described well the “unknown, the underappreciated and the underleveraged?”



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