Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dealing effectively with Different and Difficult People.

Here are some of the common sense tips on how to deal with difficult people:
 Focus on win/win solutions, providing the other parties with something they need.
 Explain how your suggestions are for the betterment of the company and will help in daily jobs.
 Keep communication on an open, honest, professional level and not be drawn into the toxic conversation.
 Try to understand their viewpoint and cooperate with them, but sometimes you must stand firm and indicate that these are the rules and they need to abide by them.
 Listening and trying to solve their problems.
 Active listening and showing support by echoing back their issue to demonstrate understanding prior to resolving the issue.
 Face-to-face communications are more effective when resolving conflicts.
 Make the issue about the facts and remove emotions as much as possible.
 Difficult people should be treated as any other challenge. As in the game of chess, when it appears difficult, you must continue and get more creative to make things go the way that will be most beneficial to the organization.
 It may be necessary to find other people who share your viewpoint to collaborate with, recognizing that this particular individual may never support your initiatives.
 Adjust communication based upon their personality style, as the security leader is part psychologist. Try to understand their style, determine if they are analytical, visual, or broad perspective-oriented and then try to match the style which makes them most comfortable.
 Engage them and make them part of the process.
 Try to understand the motivations that contributed to their point of view and understand the challenges that they may be facing.



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