Friday, May 15, 2009

Big and Tall Man's Problem

I have a big sized uncle. He is Big and Tall, and athletic. Due to his big size, he finds difficult to get suitable clothing, shoes and pants when shopping on Department Stores. So, he needs to go to his personal tailor and shoe maker to get tailor-made clothing, shoes and pants. If you are also Big and Tall man, do you love getting a nicely fitted clothing with famous brand name? You can try Bigmansland, which is the ultimate online source of Big & Tall Men's clothing and accessories for all ages and sizes. Established in 2004 and has become one of the leading retailers of big & tall clothing and accessories online.

Discover Big and Tall Men's Clothing and Accesories from Bigmansland for a great selection of fashionable, high-quality business and casual wear at unbeatable price. They carry an extensive selection of the best brand names and designer clothes, including Nike Golf, PING®, Tiger Woods, Cutter & Buck®, Red House™, TR Gold®, Port Authority®, Signature Port Authority®, Jerzees®, Hanes®, Sovereign Co., Outer Banks®, Port & Company®, Corner Stone™, Sport-Tek®, Creekwood, and District Threads™. Big and Tall Shirts collection includes big and tall polo shirts, big and tall button down shirts, big and tall short sleeve shirts, Big Mens Long Sleeve Shirts, and men's big and tall printed tee shirts. They stock big man's shirt sizes all the way up to 12 XL, and tall man's shirt sizes up to 10 XLT. Big and Tall Pants collection includes big and tall men's Denim jeans, slacks, athletic pants, casual pants and shorts in modern styles, comfortable cuts, and most importantly - in a size that fits right. They also carry Big & Tall Men's Sweatshirts & Sweatpants, Big Mens Jackets & Coats, Big Men's Fleeces, Big Mens Swimsuits (Swimwear), Big & Tall Men's Underwear. Bigmansland's Accessories Line includes backpacks, coolers, blankets and belts.

They have good order fulfillment by carrying a large inventory of 99% of the items advertised. All Ground Priority orders are shipped promptly using either UPS, Fed Ex, or the United States Postal Service for average of 2-10 business days. With Bigmansland's easy return policy, you get full credit back, excluding S&H costs, if you return products within 15 days of the date your order was placed and your returned products are completely unworn with all original tags in place.

  • Extensive selection of Big & Tall Men's Clothing and Accessories
  • Wide range of Famous Brand Names Clothing
  • Excellent fulfillment
  • There is no guaranteed delivery date for International shipping outside USA and Canada.
Shopping for Big & Tall Men's clothing online has never been easier. So get Comfortable, Fashionable, Stylish Clothing at the Quality you expect and the Price you love at Bigmansland.


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  1. goog information, thanks for sharing, it's give me new knowledge about it


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