Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Questions List for your Sales Planning. Prepare Well, Build and Sustain Your Sales Readiness, Achieve Your Sales Objectives.

The Sales Planning Guide

The more organized you are, the greater your chances of achieving your objective.
Here are some questions that you can keep in mind for each sales call that you intend to make, so that you’re better able to do that job well.

 Who is the decision maker?
 What is their current situation?
 What are their goals and objectives, as you understand them? And what are your goals and objectives as it relates to them?
 What potential problem areas or need areas will you need to uncover, probe, and focus on?
 What objectives should you be seeking to achieve with this account on this sales contact?
 How about on the next call or contact? And how about overall, what would you like to achieve with this client? If the key contact that you have now is not the decision maker for this, how can he or she influence the outcomes that you’re trying to achieve, how can they be an asset to you even though they’re not the decision maker?
 What questions can you ask - specific questions - to uncover, clarify, or amplify prospect problems, needs, or goals?
 What decision-making criteria are really important to this prospect?
 What possible benefits could this prospect be seeking?
 What services or company features do you have that provide those benefits for them?
 What kind of proof do you have? In other words, what kind of letters, testimonials, brochures, and demonstrations could you use to prove to the person that they will in fact get what you’re promising?
 How can you be of more benefit to this prospect than anyone else who has called on them?
 What possible concerns or objections might come up and how might you answer those?
 Based on your objectives for this call, what specific commitment will you ask this person to make?
 Why should they want to make that commitment? Write it down.
 By what criteria will this person judge whether or not you or your company were a satisfactory solution to their problem?
 What methods, what procedures or forms can you use to measure whether or not the actual results they got did in fact meet the criteria that they were judging those results by?



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