Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Increase Traffic with Entrecard. Lesson Learned in Achieving Top 3 Position on EntreCard Campaign Listings. Tips to increase Popularity Rating.

Today, I noticed that this blog have achieved #3 Position on Education Category with Popularity Rating=641. Our nearest competitor's Rating is quite close. Therefore, it will be close battle.

I like to thank my EntreCard Top Droppers:

The Path to the Pegasus Letter
Retro Yakking
Theme lib dot com
Arohan's investing life
flitting on fiction
Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, and Tasers… Oh My!
Outlandish Observations
The Fashion Lovers
Money Maker Times

Every month, I intend to publish my Top Droppers.

Lesson Learned after using EntreCard:

1) Traffic Growth by 30%
My original #1 objectives of using EntreCard was to drive more traffic. I love Quality, Organic Trafic ( ie: search engine traffic).
Indeed, I noticed that Traffic Quantity grow by 30%. Before I joined EntreCard, almost 90% of my site traffic come from Search Engine (ie: Organic). Now, the proportion shift into Search Engine 70%, EntreCard & Others 30%.

2) Alexa Ranking, Google PageRank, Technorati Ranking are unchanged.
I was expecting some changes on Alexa Ranking, but it hasn't materialized yet. For Google, I have to wait every 3 month.

EntreCard Tips - How to increase your EntreCard Popularity Rating.

1) Design an Attractive, Compelling 125x125 Card.
Honestly, my own Card Design need further improvement.

2) Place your Entrecard Widget above the fold.
People must be able to find your Entrecard Widget easily, without having to scrolldown the page. Topdroppers will love and favourite your site.

3) Be a Hardworking dropper
Many people suggest 300 drops/day. But due to limited time, not everyone can do it. I have done it only once for experimentation only. It doesn't really matter if you just drop 251 cards/day because you are 'Awesome' for 251-300 drops/day.
I think for the first 3 days, do >200 drops/day, then subsequently 100-260 drops/day, 3-6x/week should be sufficient.

4) Optimize your Drop by selecting targeted site.
Drop on:
a) Active sites.
Active sites update their content regularly.
b) Reciprocating sites.
On your "Drops Inbox", you'll find list of sites who drop back on you.
c) TopDroppers.
Many people advertise list of TopDroppers. Beware that 'TopDroppers on Site A' may not be neccesarily be 'TopDroppers on Site B'.
d) Popular sites.
On 'Campaign', you'll find Top 3 Popular sites on each EntreCard Category. You may try to expand into Top 5-10 High Popularity Rating sites on each Category. Select suitable Category with similar interest.

Refrain Dropping on:
a) New sites
Many new sites are clueless about how entrecard system works. Eventhough you drop/advertise on them, they are still confused on what to do.
b) Cheap sites
Usually cheap sites is either new or inactive/unpopular sites.

The beauty of EntreCard system is the Reciprocal element. Entrecard rewards reciprocal behaviour. The more you drop, the more you get drop back.
But, How many Card Drops do you get back? Around 5-50% will reciprocate back. So don't get upset if people don't drop back on you.

Try to improve the Card Drop-Back rate by selectively dropping on:
a) Top Droppers
Many High Popularity Rating site ( Top 5 on each Category) are also Top Droppers. I prefer High Popularity Rating ( usually with High Advertising Rate) site, because they will most likely advertise on you too (ie: indirect bonus).
b) The one who dropped on you before. You can check them on your "Drops Inbox".

5) Advertise often
Once you have accumulated EC points, you can start advertise on other sites. It seems that the more you advertise on other, the system reward you.

My Other Thoughts:
It seems that your Popularity Rating depend on #Organic Clicks, #Advertisement placed on you, #Cards that you drop on other, Your Site Ranking (PageRank, Alexa, etc).

When your Popularity Rating= 0-300, you may experience popularity increase of >20-90/day (with hard work)
When your Popularity Rating=>300, you may experience slower popularity increase of >10/day (with hard work). The higher your rating, the slower your increase.

Why Popularity Rating is important?
1) It increases your exposure.
2) More People will drop on you
3) Your Advertising Rate tend to rise in accordance with your Popularity Rating.
Will you buy advertisement (price: 256 EC) from Popularity=5 site? Of course not.
People tend to buy advertisement from High Popularity Rating site for same amount of advertisement rate.
As more people advertise on you, your own Advertising Rate will also rise indirectly, although not immediately.

I will share another lesson learned on future post. Good Luck & Have a Good Day.



  1. I'm also user of Entrecard but my popularity is not high as you and when I start using it, my traffic is increase, I made some friends with it, but the weakness is the bounce rate is really high, but this bounce rate doesn't bother me.. even the ratio is 100 visitors only 2 visitor is stop and commenting on my blog I will glad with that... so keep on dropping..

    p/s: ahh, it would be nice if you change your blog platform because it's hard for me to select my profile.

  2. Thank you for mentioning my site (Outlandish Observations). I am new to Entrecard (I only discovered it about 10 days ago) and I am slowly figuring out how it works.

    Like you, I have seen a noticeable increase in traffic to my site. I'm trying to reciprocate drops as much as I can, at least for now.

    Karen Henry (Raleigh, NC)

  3. Thanks for the very helpful tips on using Entrecard. I am still figuring out the best way to utilize this system, but I know that the more I can focus on bringing value to the blogs I vist and drop in on, the better it will go for me :)

  4. is there any connection b/w entercard and increase in PR i have seen some people saying that your PR will also increase using this system..
    But i cant understand in what sense are they talking about ..!!

  5. Rizwan,
    To answer your question.

    1) There will be PR increase only if entrecard users make backlinks to your websites. If they simply drop cards, you won't get PR increase. Please note that majority of entrecard users seldom made backlinks, they just visit or drop. So the chance is quite low.

    2)In addition, increase of Alexa ranking is more probable because majority of entrecard users have Alexa toolbar when accessing your site.


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