Thursday, January 22, 2009

Developing A Positive Learning Environment for Employee. Opportunities and Incentives for Employee Retention and Engagement.

A Positive Learning Environment

“A positive learning environment (PLE) encourages, even demands, that every employee at every level be in a continuous learning mode, constantly searching for new ideas, trying new methods, sharing ideas and learning with others, and learning from others, to find new and better ways to achieve individual, group, and organizational business goals.”

Real learning comes when employees apply new ideas to their work, discovering what works and what doesn’t. More learning occurs when they share their results with other employees and/or learn something new from the others to help them achieve better individual, group, and organizational results.

If an organization lacks a positive learning environment, employees are not encouraged, nor will they seek opportunities to learn, to use their knowledge on the job or to share with others. They will use their learning energy elsewhere or look for another job.

A positive learning environment is a powerful attraction for young professionals. They want to learn and progress in an organization and in their careers. They look for organizations that foster and encourage that learning. They like working for managers who take an interest in helping them learn and who are themselves learners. Everyone benefits from the constant sharing that occurs in such an environment.

Some examples of company policies that support a positive learning environment include tuition assistance plans, company-paid professional memberships and conference attendance, corporate membership at university libraries, and sponsorship of employees to write papers for publication and to present at professional conferences.



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