Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How To Generate Abundant Sales and become Top Tier Performers. Build Essential Competencies for your Performance Improvement.

Before discussing techniques for generating abundant sales, here are the characteristics of Top Tier Performers:
 think differently about what they do. (They are building, not just doing.)
 build relationships in advance of needing them.
 take personal responsibility for making things happen.
 intelligently work the odds.
 intentionally form habits and cultivate patterns that work.
 know the payoffs of each of their activities.
 are impatient with those who don’t take charge of their own lives and careers.
 are generous with their time and resources toward worthy recipients.

Those at the top understand that one must become and remain eligible for what they want. If you want the top people to seek you out, you must be the kind of person they would benefit from seeking out. If you want to be influential, you must continually learn more in order to have more to offer.

Here is a quick formula for generating abundant sales right away without compromising your reputation, profitability or long-term goals.

1. Notice more. Assess your current situation from many angles. Examine product, price, place, promotion, and people factors. Assess the eight competencies in yourself. What’s working and what’s not?

2. Cover the gaps. Assure stability in your delivery of value to those who buy. Get everyone’s agreement to be accountable for doing their job well. Be sure you can be relied on to deliver what you promise.

3. Increase human contact. Make calls, send messages and emails, get others working with you and be more visible.

4. Begin a series of chain reactions. Start the processes that result in sales, focus on steps one and two for now (but be ready to follow through).

5. Keep the ball in your court. Take initiative to follow through; don’t rely on others to get back to you, call them.

6. Maximize your leverage. Use your best skills and resources, call on your best prospects, focus on your best products, and do good work during the prime selling hours. Spend at least 15 minutes each day during non-prime time sharpening your sales skills.

7. Think beyond today. Remember that today’s choices select tomorrow’s challenges, so keep in mind your need to continue generating business in the future. Don’t compromise your standards or tarnish your image.


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  1. Excellent advice not only for marketing purposes but life itself. If you think about it life is about communication and marketing is the most sophisticated means of communication. So the similarity between achieving marketing goals and live's goals is natural.


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